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Friday, February 24, 2012

Lovely Loot!

A while back I started following a wonderful knitting blog “Two sides of the Same Stitch”  It’s a tech knitting, fear stomping, educational blog written by 2 women Gwen & Kellie. Designers, teachers, daughters, Mom…. they write dropping nuggets of knitting gold through their blog posts.  

Recently Kellie wrote this post asking readers what knitting tricks they used…well from this post they had a drawing and……I won!

I feel like I should talk like a pirate Arrr, look at this booty!  A treasure box to be sure..

A sweaters worth of Comfort cotton! 

Totally drool worthy..I’d not used it before and plan to be selfish and knit for ME

Same stitch prize box 017

“The Knit Kit”, which is a self contained package of nearly any tool a knitter would need….a “Fix a stitch”..both of which will be invaluable

Same stitch prize box 018Same stitch prize box 019


A beautiful Shawl Pin…I’ve been looking for one to use with a test knit YEAH!!Same stitch prize box 020

This adorable Wacky Woolies Key ring (LOVE)!

Same stitch prize box 021

It Itches which is a HOOT!

Same stitch prize box 024

And at the bottom of the box this fun book of crochet designs by Lucinda Guy

Same stitch prize box 022It wasn’t even out of the box and I was flipping pages (how fun is this!) so,

 Same stitch prize box 023

Imagine my surprise when I did pick up the book and found even MORE!

This great project bag from Tangled String (perfect for sock knitting) and a beautiful beaded Clover Thread Cutter Pendant

Tangled String 001

And 2 more smallish clear bags for tools…which will be great to have filled with my new tools, ready in my knitting go bags!

Same stitch prize box 026

Was I right?

Is this a treasure box or what!

Arrr, Lovely booty!


Each will be put to good use!



  1. It be a foine box 'o treasure it be! Thee did good there me heartie! Thee needs to go partake in thy bottle 'o rum! Ohh arr, pieces of eight!

  2. It is a great booty indeed Katie. I love the colour of the cotton.

  3. Good thing I am not a jealous type person;) A little envious though!! What a great booty!! Can hardly wait to see what you knit from the cotton.

  4. Sue, I tell you, I was shocked with the amount there is!

    Therese! Nice to see you & yes, its a soft Aspen green has a faint bluish cast and i love it. Now to decide what to make

  5. Evy, I think this is the first prize I've won from a knitting site & know I will put everything to good use as it's all drool worthy!

  6. Oh WOW what a fantastic prize! Lucky, lucky you! What fun you're going to have :-)

  7. What a delight it must have been to open and unpack that box! You will be just the person to put everything to good use! Hooray for you!

  8. Happy that you like the goodies and we REALLY appreciate all the comments on our blog!



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