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Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Bumper is DONE!!!

I thought for sure Alix would be entering high school & Evie would have collage applications in hand before the bumper pad would be completed.  It’s been decorating my dining room table for nearly a month.

I tend to get bored with a project quickly & after it sets unfinished for a while well, they tend to be set aside and forgotten.  Like the flannel jammie pants I made for Erika a few years ago…Later this month when I add the elastic to the waist they will fit Evelyn

Any way, I didn’t think a young lady in High School wouldn’t appreciate a bumper pad…nor the crib so it was finished & sent home with Erika yesterday….and am I ever glad because I’m really tired of looking at these piles of prints.

I think this has to be one of the least expensive bedroom sets I’ve ever made.

The quilts & bumper pad were all made with scrap, the batting in the quilts was cut from a surprisingly sturdy & warm  $5.00 blanket.  The Nu-foam insert for the bumper was purchased with a 50% off coupon and stacked with another 20% off your total purchase. The fabric for the sheets 1/2 came from stash..I think I might have spent $20. total with the majority of that toward the bumper padding.

How’s that for frugal!

Bumper Baby & Skirt 011Evie & Alix's Quilts 001[6]

The colors are actually bolder than they show here

So, THEY ARE DONE!! I’m really hoping Erika will take a photo of the room set up for me.

As we  Evie & I were cleaning up the scraps, she picked up the excess from the bumper pad as said

“What’s dis Gwama”? It fow me?  Fow MY baby?”

What could I do but make another blanket…..and then because of help re make it. She chose the backing & stayed with me helping along each step. It was fun looking at a simple project with new eyes…and fingers

I’d trimmed the edges after sewing the backing on…set the scissors down and turned to grab the pins for my helper….and found her “trimming” about 4 more inches from the width.  Lessons for us both, a reminder for me of safety and a lesson for her again of what she is and is not allowed to do when helping… 

I left it as “she made it” and continued on.

  Bumper Baby & Skirt 014

Not quite done and “Belle” had to try it out

I’m not sure but I think I heard her say “What do you think of that Barbie!”

Bumper Baby & Skirt 015

Evie Chose the “Wiggle Waggle” stitch for top stitching…

bet you thought it was called zig-zag

Bumper Baby & Skirt 016

Not quite the size we’d intended but she’s very proud of her work

Bumper Baby & Skirt 018

And I’m thrilled to have a sewing buddy…

Excuse me, I need to go hide all the scissors!


  1. Got to love Evelyn's "helping!" Glad to see you two are having so much fun during the day! Thank you so much for making the girls bedding!! I'll have to work this weekend to get everything set up for pictures!

  2. Evie is just too cute :-)

    Love the quilt, such beautiful colours

  3. Good grief, I've missed months of your blog. For some reason it didn't show up on my blog list when you had a new post and I thought you'd quit writing. I had missed it. Now to go back and catch up. Love the bumper pad and quilts, both big and small.

  4. Very welcome Erika, I'd love to see it all put together 8-)

  5. Thanks Evelyn, we don't do many muted colors around here hahaha

  6. Awww, thank you Debby, I had a few nudges to start back up...trying to get back in the rhythum of it


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