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Friday, February 10, 2012

Protein & A bit of Sewing

Yesterday, I saw this post on Facebook by my youngest daughter Erika (Evie & Isaiah’s mom)

 Erika:FYI: There are 3 grams of protein in a Hershey's Bar.

Last night’s supper was fridge clean out, so just incase our protein intake was low we decided to give it a boost….

Chocolate pound cake


With just a little bit of icing


On the crafting front…

Still finishing up the bedding for the girls room.

The quilts we put together from my fabric stash.  Having worked in a fabric store for 8 years I learned that fabric breeds (because I won’t admit I purchased all that is in the basement!)

Simple bright shades cut to 3 inch strips & each quilt bordered and backed in different shades of purple.

Evie & Alix's Quilts 001

These have been done for a few months, Erika’s patiently waited for the rest.

I pulled all the scraps from the quilts together to make a bumper pad for Alix. I’ve sewn all the strips/scraps together and will cut the new “fabric” to face one side of the bumper & the quilt print backing for the back side


If there are any scraps from this, I’ll piece those to make a tiny quilt for Evie’s doll bed as a birthday gift.

Keeping my fingers crossed!


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