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Thursday, May 27, 2010

We have a Window..and Maybe more

More progress!  The vapor barrier is up on part of the addition.  We’re had intended to do it all but wanted to get windows placed in my room tonight and that called for a trip to Lowes.    Hardware/home stores/feed stores  in this family are second only to the Holy Land….(OK, possibly an archery store, craft store and yarn shop are some where in-between but you know what I mean).  If the sales staff didn’t have such a high turnover we would be on first name basis, planning BBQ’s and swapping kid photos.    Anyway, watching for sales and deals we’ve slowly been buying what we need for the addition. Other than that purchasing only when we need it.  Its saved us bundles, not just the sales we have found but storing the materials during construction. 

Well, Last night we hooked up the trailer & went for windows, we’d priced everything, we knew what we wanted & knew they were in stock…WRONG!  Indiana has just  joined the energy conservation rebate system and there is a a change over in the “quality” of windows (as in changed the wording on the packaging and UPC code )….so contractors have bought out the existing windows at a reduced price.  We were able to get 2 of the 6 needed.  WINDOWS! 004By the time we got home after hunting down more windows, it was much later than intended but, we did install one window.  We just had to!  I’m going to love having the windows in my work space!  The $30.00 rebate per window won’t upset us either!

At this point were hoping to locate more windows, get them installed tonight & have the building inspector here tomorrow.  Other than that, we’re looking ahead for a 3 day weekend and at a standstill to move forward in construction.

While at Lowes I picked up a bag of potting soil…we’ve used all the good soil we have in the garden & my compost isn’t quite ready to use so of course I had to enter the “Garden Center”  (insert theatrical music here)…and headed to the back where the clearance section ie. half dead plants are.  Or ,the unloved, un-watered and abused plants are ………..right away, 2 berry plants jumped on my trolley.   A Black and Blueberry both with good strong stems & full foliage but drooping badly WINDOWS! 005I brought them home and set them in a shallow tray of water and they were fine this morning.  Both even have blooms starting & will be planted this evening when it cools off.


and my $7.00 tray of  flowers,(retail over $50.00) Calla Lilies that are to be separated, and about a dozen other plants for potting. Everything looked half dead & was laying over drooping simply from lack of water.  

Weeded all morning and having a cool drink (darn, the wine coolers are warm) & lunch  before I melt.

Have a great day!

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