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Monday, May 10, 2010

Black Rainbow Skirties

The twins skirts are done!  Lanolized and drying right now.Rainbow Skirtys 003 Lots of ends to weave with these but I think they turned out cute!

“Mixed Blues” Shorties,knit on a Cascade 220 base is  another custom ready for tomorrow mail.

I think I have enough left for a small to medium pair of longiesMixed Blues Shorties 003

And a pair of small shorties with a soft ruffle cuff. 

Shades of purples and greens.Purp & Green shorties 010 I dyed this yarn last summer and just got a chance to use it.

These should be listed in the Etsy shop this evening. 

Currently on the needles is a tunic for Marguerita I should have finished in the next day or so.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Mothers Day!


  1. Love the skirties....they have turned out great

  2. Those skirts are so cute!! I am sure the mommy will love them.
    I am working on my first pair of bloomers. Using Cascade 220 in just a basic white.

  3. Debbie, Thank you! A million and one ends but I love the way they turned out

    Evy, Thanks! You'll love the bloomies pattern, Mandies patterns are so well written. Whte should be really cute.

  4. The skirties are so cute!!

    Love the colours in the purples and greens shorties too :-)

  5. Katie, I tagged you in a post. Come over and see and play along:)


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