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Friday, May 7, 2010

Starting Over!

AHHH!  (Insert a mental photo of me ripping my hair out)

The garden is so torn up after all the rain. 

Out of 5 rows of pinto beans, i have 6 plants…peas?  gone.  Everything is washed out but, I have an excellent crop of weeds!  Oh, God has a since of humor.  This is what I get for being prideful of having it planted early!

My tomato plants survived but have rust spots on the leaves?  Help!  The lone pepper plant has buds of about 6 peppers forming. 

The onions are a mess, 3 rows and a few are 2-3 times the size of others.  Makes no since at all! out of 3 garden plots I have enough growing to fill one.  Everything else needs replanted.  Oh, the broccoli is growing like gang busters.

We have been under a severe storm & tornado watch all evening.  Looks like were going to have another big dump of rain when today it’s just been dry enough to work in there.

  Tonight while Mr. Fix~It mowed the field, I got the onions weeded and had enough compost ready to mulch around them.  I left about 3 inches clearance between the mulch & onions is that enough?  I’ve read on different gardening sites to mulch right over the bulb but others say leave a 3 inch space.  I’m mulching to keep the weeds down.  If it smothers the weeds, wouldn’t that smother the onions?

Mr. Fix~It gifted me with  2 5 gallon buckets so once I have holes drilled I’ll get my potato’s planted.  Late I know!

The blackberries are covered in blooms!  The blueberries blooms have dropped and I see berries forming.  The strawberries (if they survive this next storm) will be the best season yet! 

Mr. Fix~it cut the concrete at the end of the carport where the driveway overlaps leveling it to accommodate the next wall to be framed.  Sunday, if the weather is nice will be the next day we can work on it.

I spent the morning wrapping and shipping packages,  spent the afternoon with Evie, and worked outside in the afternoon.  When we were done with our work, I let Mr. Fix~It to take me to the local Ice Cream shop for supper!

Better get some knitting done!

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  1. How frustrating!!

  2. Gardeners (and farmers!) are so at the mercy of the weather. It sure can destroy all your hard work quickly.

    I think your onions will grow right up through the mulch with no problem. The only thing I would worry about would be slugs in the mulch (a medium they love) because it's so wet by you right now. But I know if the sun comes out (and the rains stop) that could change quickly.

    Sending my sympathies for the losses in your garden. I've been there! Don't give up.


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