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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Busy weekend

The outer walls are up! DH had one or 2 boards on before I was even up.  He’s an early riser, as in “Oh God thirty” in the morning.

I was sucking down my first cup of coffee trying to figure how he handled the heavy weather boards on his own,  when he came be-boppin out with another

Addition & Gray Pearl 014  In my fuzzy morning brain I thought he’s pretty smart!Addition & Gray Pearl 006With new construction you can just place your boards &  screw them on.  Since nothing is square its not that easy. Each board needed cut and lifted in place. Instead of  the “arm-strong” method he placed each board and set mini lifts to step on to wedge them in place.

Addition & Gray Pearl 027 This area seen will be my work space!

I have windows!  OK, window holes at this point.

It was sooo hot!  All week prior it had been 50-60‘s and rain.  Friday temps were in the mid 80’s and stayed there till Sunday when we were working on this…then it hit 92!

By day’s end, all the exterior walls were up and windows cut out, and we made a trip to the local home centers for flashing & moisture wrap.

The flashing he had up last night and the moisture barrier will be up in the next day or so.  Then we can have the inspector back out to approve the progress!

In my head I can see it done. 

Now we just have the wiring, plumbing, flooring….

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  1. It is looking great. Oh god thirty - too funny!!!

  2. Mel, Before day light? Thats "Oh God Thirty"

  3. Sue, he's one of 6 & as much as we loved New Zealand...I'll claim there's another out there so we have some ties to go back! Tho, My MIL would kill me if she read that LOL!

  4. Let's hope she doesn't read it then! haha! And just in case she does! Hello mumsy in law! We luvs ya ♥


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