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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Floating Away Derby Weekend

Ok, so we didn’t really float away, we ran away!  The weekend of the Kentucky Derby can get a bit crazy around here and its become our annual camping getaway. 

We started a few years ago meeting  up with our friends Kenny & Joyce.  It also happens to be the weekend about 15 families from our old church camp together. Its great as the kids can just run & we all keep an eye on them.   So between us we take up just about half the campground.  Despite the 10 inches of rain between Thursday & Sunday(per our local weather man) we had a blast! We left Thursday evening and came home Sunday morning.  In between that time I think we consumed a million s’mores & Fire Pies, checked for ticks,  fought off invading ants (from the 3 ft ant hill behind our site), checked for ticks, watched Isaiah put about 200 miles on his bike with the “big boys”  (8 & 9 yr olds), checked for ticks, consumed more snacks than I should have. We were able to get home and unpacked thankfully during a brief non raining period but, everything was still wet and needed drying out in the garage…or in a pile in front of the washer.

Mooched $5.00 off Mr. Fix~It to place a bet on a horse…..#4

And WON!

$45 isn’t a huge windfall but, I gave Mr. Fix~It his $5.00 back and had a free $40.00!  Not bad for a once a year gamble.

It will pay the water bill…….or buy more wool!

No pictures from the weekend, it was either raining, blowing rain, about to rain or misting.  didn’t want to take the chance. 
What the rain did to the garden?

Well, that’s another story!

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  1. Hmmm, pay the water bill or buy more wool. I wonder which you will choose.

  2. Took me all of 1.2 seconds to decide!

  3. Mmmmm I'd say wat.....wot.....woo....wool! That was easy! haha

  4. Wool!! The water bill was already figured into the budget:)
    The look for ticks is enough to keep me home. Fought with them once and that was one time to many.

  5. Ticks. Shudder.

    Glad you had a good time! :o)

    What's a fire pie?


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