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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Another 1st to Celebrate!

Some of you know our family went thru some challenges these past 3 years that  changed our perspective of what is really important.  I’ve shared fears & tears, asked for prayers and you’ve celebrated each milestone with me.  So I felt it only fitting to share a major reason to celebrate.

But, so you understand the changes….

Rachel  Adam & Hayden

Rachel & adam

Christmas 2008, When out middle daughter Rachel  was diagnosed with Cancer.

Christmas 08 (2)

She found out 2 days before Christmas

Christmas 08

Christmas 2009 Christmas Card


Last Chemo Surprise Party


I’ve posted a few photos of the odd hair growth she’s had…DSCN2545

or not had.

But Yesterday I received this photo….and I sat down and cried like a big baby

Rachel 1st Hair Cut!1

A major milestone!

Her first hair cut!

Thank you for walking this journey with us.  Your prayers and good wishes & support…I can’t begin to tell you what they have meant to us all.  

But to one family You made a difference.

Thank you!  God Bless

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  1. I am so happy for you. You are so strong and a model for others. Keep up the good work and we will keep thinking good thought about your daughter.

  2. Her picture made me cry. I'm praying now, but thanking the Lord for the healing and happy tears and that you know where the healing came from! So happy for you. And I remember when I first read about her cancer and offered to pray for her. I think that's when I became a fan of your blog and it's been wonderful to read about you, your family, your life.

  3. F/C, Shes the one in the familty with the strength! She held us together

  4. Debby, Thank you for taking this journey with us. Prayers and support as you well know is what helped us all through it.

  5. Katie you have a very beautiful daughter, you must be bursting with love and pride ♥

  6. I absolutely love her smile!!
    Tears are welling up, thinking of you and remembering our similar journey.

  7. Katie,
    So happy for you and your family. Your daughter is a beauty.

  8. It is certainly a milestone that needs celebrating and she is so beautiful.

  9. I am crying with you! What a sweet post!

  10. Wonderful post! Wonderful daughter!

  11. What a beautiful daughter, Katie! You can just tell she's beautiful inside, too. How many of us would love to look so gorgeous in a haircut like that, eh?

  12. Awwwww. Probably the sweetest haircut your girl has ever had! Sending you much love!

  13. Thanks Ladies! Her Hubby was her major supprt, Adam is a doll & was right there with her all the way


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