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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Crazy Wet Days

It been crazy busy here but, I think it’s that time of the year for everyone.  All those projects & activities we couldn’t start until season change have been calling to us.
The addition has been moving along.  With constant rain,

Current Customs & Studio 006 Sunday and a evening or 2 through the week to work on it, progress is not as far as Mr. Fix~It would like.  The outer walls are framed, windows framed on the courtyard wall but, were having problems finding windows to match those on the front of the house.  Sure, we can special order them but at $300-$500. EACH? I don’t think so!

The building inspector came by this morning to approve the framing so we can move on to enclosing it all the way. I’m excited but sad also.  As excited as I am to have the space, I’ll miss morning coffee out here & it’s been nice to have a covered area when its storming or as a sunshade.

The garden is a bit of sad shape right now.  I’m getting discouraged.  We’ve had so much rain things have washed out.  I’m on my 3rd planting of the pinto’s.  It dry’s a day or 2, I replant and it pours again.  Each time its rained so hard I’ve found the beans above ground.  This last time I was so disgusted  I ignored that end of the garden for over a week (so mature I know).  I went back to replant and I have beans growing like mad.  Who’d a thought they would sprout and grow so well on the soil!  Only 2 melon and 1 cucumber  & 3 peas plants have survived the flooding rain.   So, it’s almost a total replant. It’s to wet to go in and weed with out pulling up what plants I do have so the weeds are winning at this point! This weekend the weather man is calling for mid 80’s so that will help.  Guess I know what I’ll be spending my mornings doing…replanting!

And there is always knitting! I’ve been keeping busy with customs (updates and photos on the Katidids Knits Blog this afternoon) and let the Etsy Shop empty some…. so I need to get busy or, busier!

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  1. Oh, Katie, I would be so depressed over the problems you've had with getting your garden in. Planting is hard enough without having to do it three or more times! I hope your weather stabilizes now and you can get on with it.

    The addition is looking good! Good luck finding reasonably priced windows.

  2. The addition looks good. Sorry about the garden - that would make me crazy.

  3. I look at as a tes of "how bad do you want it" So I have new sprouts and its due to warm up this weekend...I may see a few more. Hoping to anyway


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