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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Garden Seating

I love my flower gardens, the weeding mulching and separating.  So rewarding to watch them mature year by year.  I keep promising myself a bench of some sort  but have yet to make the purchase.    I generally have them under control by the time the veggie garden is started but,  This year with our early spring they’ve gotten out of control. 

So, as an incentive for myself to get them cleaned up I’m making that frivolous purchase! 

As I’ve been working I’ve been trying to define exactly what I want because ….well,  I’m going to have to look at it for years….

This is my list of “must’s”… 

1. Portable so it can easily be moved about…nothing to heavy

2.  a classic style

3. sturdy enough to hold up for years

4.  a style that will be fun and functional …one I have the option of painting bright and bold or, soft and elegant…( *snort* elegant…as if in my garden)

I’ve found concrete, wood, iron, stone and plastic seating with prices from the flimsy $30.00 to sticker shock of  $3,000. 00

But, I’ve found my seating, one that fits all my requirements

Want to see a photo of it?




Are you sure? 

You know your going to want one too…





Garden seating

I might even pick up 2-3 to have on hand when you stop by!

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  1. Katie, seriously, I have a daughter who would use those if the thought ever entered her mind:)

  2. I want some too!!!

  3. Sue, my thoughts exactly!

    Gmam I assume you mean Karyn? Yes, I could see her using them...or the boys!

    Mel, I know exactly where you can find them! Color coordinate with that new fence of yours LOL!

  4. Now I have to go out and see if one of our three wheelbarrows would work for that purpose! Yup, soft and elegant. Hardy-har-har!

  5. Good idea as long as my butt doesn't get wedged in and I get stuck sitting in the front yard like this.


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