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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Needles or Chopsticks

Did you know knitting needles are considered terrorist tools by airline staff? I purchased Size 7, plastic 16in circular needles to use on the plane. Security said they were fine not a problem. Not long enough or sharp enough to use as a weapon. On the way over, I had this "Tikki Dress" nearly to the half way point. The flight from Sydney to Melbourne? Not a chance. They almost took it from me on the plane! Said it is not allowed and to dangerous to have the needles. I said security let me through saying they were fine but....no go. To "sharp" to have out around other passengers so, I put it away............ And noticed chopsticks were offered upon request for meals. Hmmmm wonder what she would have done if I borrowed a pair or, pulled out 2 pencils and started a scarf....I'm just sayin......


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog :) LOVE that little dress - so cute!! I can't believe the airline people made you stop knitting...guess it was that killer plastic needle. Perhaps they thought you might poke someone to death.

    Next time, cast on to the chopsticks. I would ;)

  2. I love that dress! I'm going to have to make one....soon! It would make a great jumper as well since we're into fall/winter.
    I wonder if you could sharpen chop sticks with a pencil sharpener and knit away?

  3. I had the same problem when I flew to Australia from Canada 2 years ago, I had started a blanket on circular needles and was told they were fine to take on the plane but the staff on the flight said NO! so I put them away but I did crochet with a pen just to prove my point and nobody said anything until the end of the flight when a lady came up to me and said YOU ROCK my Fellow Crafter, Way To Go! On the flight home to Canada I just didn't bother with the knitting I read a Yarn Harlot Book...


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