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Saturday, July 5, 2008

We The People

I belive we as a nation forget how truly blessed we are. By no means are we perfect, we too have those who are hungry, homeless, jobless, aged or ill & without medical care. But we have more freedoms than any country I have been.
The first time I traveled out of the United States I was shocked to see airport security and police walking around with M-16’s. My first thought was I had walked into the wrong place at the wrong time! My whole since of naive American security was gone in an instant.

We can travel any time & location we choose, no need to show papers at state borders.
Our women and daughters can travel freely with out “escort” & receive the same education as our sons. I was sent to one country where I was instructed not to wear pants, short sleeves or a skirt shorter than my calf. I was required to have a minimum of 2 male escorts at all times. After 15 minutes I would have preferred 4 or 5!

Child labor and slavery is nearly non-existent, at least it not an accepted practice by our laws.
I was in a Turkish market, planning on purchasing a beautiful rug, less than pennies on the dollar. The merchant expounded upon the quality of fibers & density etc. He offered to show me the products in production. His production line was a small room, no windows with approximately 15 children sitting on the floor knotting the rugs. I left empty handed.

We can choose our place of worship, or choose not to worship.

We can write or speak freely. Express our opinions for or against our government with out punishment or “disappearing”. O.K, so there may possibly be an IRS audit in your future!

We as a nation have made out mistakes, some of our laws have become so twisted the original creators may possibly be turning in their graves. But we allowed that to happen thru our votes or lack there of. Our choices, our free elections.
We were on a trip to Haiti once, just in time for a Coup. We may have political coups but on paper not thru blood shed.
We don’t stand in line for milk, shoes or toilet paper, and hope there is enough to go around.

Many times I’ve heard people from other countries mocked because “they live like sardines”, with large groups living in one house or apartment. To many it’s no sacrifice, its what they are willing to do for freedom. Just ask them, most will gladly explain.

We take so much for granted. What are your basic everyday necessities, the "Mc Mansion", the 2nd car, cable, more TV’s than people in the house?

When was the last time you were excited about ……a 2nd pair of shoes, the ability to purchase groceries instead of needing to rely upon what you were capable of growing, turned on a light switch or water tap….and have it work. I’m not knocking what we have. We work hard, we play hard, I just don’t think we truly appreciate it.

You may or may not agree with me. But, I have the freedom to write what I choose, you have the freedom to comment.

What do you take for granted?

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