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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Birthday Goodies & Rachel Up Dates

Is it just me or has July been a Crazy month for you? I feel like we hit the ground running every morning and have nothing accomplished!
I celebrated my birthday on the 8th & was I ever spoiled! My oldest Daughter Danielle made a wonderful 3 layer Chocolate Cake, butter cream frosting. MMMMMM Good! No photos, we started eating it to fast! She also gave me a book on birds I have been wanting,” The Sibley Field Guide to Birds of Eastern North America” A great outfit from Erika, which I love! Will be great to use in Florida next week.Larry the ultimate fixer & thoughtful husband out did himself this year. I use the “back of the chair “ method to wind skeins on my ball winder. I somehow always manage to tangle the last few yards. Larry came home at the end of such a cobweb tangle and said “isn’t there a tool for that”? After my mental YES arm pumping Tap dance, I explained with the addition expenses etc. I would rather hold off making that purchase.
Of course that does not apply to yarn!
So, this was one of my gifts from him, A large Ashford Swift.!

Cuts my winding time in half.

He also gave me a OBN Photo Light Tent. No wonder he couldn't find the “right box” to make one! I’ve been taking late afternoon-evening photos, bet he thinks super will be on time now LOL! Now I just need to learn how to use it.

I have accomplished some test knitting & started on a few Christmas gifts. Yes, I said it Christmas. Starting now I possibly will have them completed by the 24th!

The best news I had was from Rachel. Another good check up, no new Cancer cells & the site is actually SHRINKING!!

With news like that July is proving to be a wonderful month

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  1. Ooh.......Happy Birthday :)
    And great news about your daughter...thats brilliant!!

    Sarah xXx


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