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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Knitterly Wednesday

What a great week. I've had about 15 wip's (work in progress) going in various stages of completion. Thought it was time I knuckled under and finished them. So, I have a lot of finished projects (FO) to share.

I've been on a kick of baby sweaters. My oldest daughter Danielle took one look at this and said that’s "Carrie Fever" I think the name fits, cropped sleeves, smart and sassy for a 12-18 mo little Fashionista!'

"Cotton Candy" was next, cropped sleeve, traditional soft pink with flecks of color. Cute ceramic kitten button closure. Fits the average 9-18 month in the diaper crowd.

"Play Ground Princess" Just screamed "I want to play" when I finished. This sweater has a lot of give and will fit a newborn by rolling the sleeves to a average 9 month

I had a few pairs of Booties left to seam up. Fun colors for boys or girls, 100% cotton

So, whats on your needles?

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