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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Summer Fruits & Goodness

Don’t you just love summer? All the beautiful fresh colorful fruits and veggies to choose from.
Some of the names of “Green Beans” just amaze me. For example you have:
Greasy Grits” string Beans, sounds nasty but a good standard staple green bean. (Who would in the world would give them that name?)
My new finds this year are the "Gold Mine Green Bean", a beautiful yellow/green shade, not as strong bean flavor and very good. My new personal favorite is “Dragon Tongue”. Is this not the oddest thing? It’s a white green bean with deep purple streaks that show when shaded by the leaves, they will fade to a light pinky purple when exposed to full sun as it grows. I love fresh raw green beans, these are quite possibly the best I’ve ever had. I assumed they were a hybrid but they actually are a “Heritage Bean” . No genetic alterations what so ever, they are the same bean brought from Europe with the settlers.

My friend Johanna’s, family has grown these for years and, have graciously given me some. Guess what will be growing in my garden next year!
Trying to take advantage of all the fresh fruit I have been canning quite a bit. Found a great deal on some peaches, so my canning pot is getting a work out! So far this year we have canned cherries & sliced peaches, Cherry, Peach & Blueberry pie fillings, with enough left to make the same in jams. In my second batch of the peach jam I added the skins (washed) finely chopped. They cooked down to nothing but added a beautiful Amber color and, richness to the flavor.

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