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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

THOUGHTFUL THURSDAY& Having Fun going GREEN with a Free Pattern

I don’t like doing things that don’t stay done. Like dusting, vacuming, dishes (at one time I had 4 dishwashers, but they all grew up!) Nor do I like to constantly replace things we use daily. Have you ever noticed that when purchasing towels, you pay only $1.00 less for the hand towel? Really, who pays $3.00 for a wash/face cloth? I don’t mind paying for good towels, but $3.00-$4.00 for a washcloth that you get dirty? Make-up kid dirt...so, what’s the alternative?

How about making your own?

There are literally hundreds of patterns for knit and crochet wash/dish cloths. Simple patterns to intricate designs, and anything in between. The cotton is wonderful to bathe with, as the stitch patterns become an exfoliant or, more of a spa cloth. Soft enough for a baby but durable enough to scrub away the remnants of a child’s summer fun! They soften with age and just last forever! Converting my husband to these was not a concern but I thought, why not have fun with it. I was seeing lots of cutesy patterns, but not many “guy-ish”.
That is until I found the designer Lisa Milan.

Think of a sport or activity, racing to soccer she has a design. How about a Dump truck, school bus or airplane for the little guys? Gardening, to flip-flops, rubber ducky to teddy bears. Want to give the moon and the stars? Lisa has a pattern.
Handmade dishcloths last forever. The cotton believe it or not rarely stains. For extra scrub ability (is that a word?) you can use your acrylic scraps. There are nearly 350 patterns to choose from. All are accessible on her website digknittydesigns.blogspot.com. or Ravelry. Some are even free so, you have the chance to try them. Try it you’ll like it! Lisa sells her patterns for a mere $2.00 each. Purchase 5 and you get a free one!

Once or twice a month she runs specials where you buy 3 get 1 free. Every month she hosts a KAL with a new pattern in her Yahoo Group http://groups.yahoo.com/group/digknittydesignsdishcloths/join.
I’ve only “known” Lisa for a few months but she has been wonderful concerning special requests for pattern designs. We belong to a camping group called “the Pampered Campers” & I wanted to give some dish cloths as gifts. Not a problem. Rocking horse had it within a day. The same cost, $2.00. She is always open to suggestions for new designs.
O.K., if you have over 300 fun design options and, it runs about .75 cents to make a face/dish cloth…why would I pay the extra for a dinky wash cloth everyone else has? Oh, Be sure and check out her holiday patterns! These make wonderful gifts and great stash busters.
Lisa has offered this Recycle pattern for FREE

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