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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I Can Spin!....sort of

Saturday Knit in Public gathering was a blast! I spent a few hours knitting and spinning with the Ann from the Grinny Possum & a group of Ravelry friends.

That’s right I was spinning! I knit for a bit, then started drooling over every ones wheels, knit a bit more. Then I went for the kill. I pulled out my virgin ashford drop spindle and said … “can some one teach me how to use this”? 0.1 seconds I had teachers!! A big thank you to Christel, Ashley and Anne!
I ‘m totally hooked! I went home to an empty house (never happens) and spun the evening away. Christel blessed me with some beautiful roving, Blue with purple blended. Came out fingering weight (sure I meant to do that Ha!) I spun some Purple last night, I wanted more of a worsted weight. There are a few lumps and bumps but I feel pretty good about it as a 2nd attempt.
Here is the required photo for you to oooh and aahh over! Don’t you love my designer cut off paper towel roll! It’s what I had and it works for me!
I think I’m going to keep up with the random colors and make a bag. I want to make a memory “something” to keep.
I love learning new skills or arts really. It was very humbling in a way as I was spinning at home by my self. I can do this for joy, for the art. I started thinking of the women before us who spun and wove out of necessity. The many long hours it would take to make the family garments needed to survive. They were the department store.
As my arms began to ache, I started thinking of all the old photos & drawings I've seen of spinners & knitters of eons ago. They were all by the hearth, knitting and spinning in the evening by firelight after the "chores" were done. This was the "light work" , the relaxing and easy stuff at the end of the day.
With these reminders, I finished what roving I had. I figured I could deal with achy arms and be greatful!


  1. Yay.......
    So glad you had fun spinning!!!
    I love it, its so rythmic and soothing. Perfect therapy after a hard days work :)

    Sarah xXx

  2. Congrats on your first yarns! They look great!


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