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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Got Needles?

April showers bring May flower’s but what a way to start June. Nasty tornado went through Indianapolis this past week. My middle daughter Rachel lives there so we quickly gave her a call. They were very lucky. The storm went just north of the new house they just had built. The apartment complex they moved out of was damaged and, the complex next to it was almost destroyed. That is their 2nd close call. They lived in Evansville 3 years ago when the tornado did so much damage there! It hit a mile from their apartment and less than that from the hospital where my new grandson was in the NICU. The photo from hospital security was terrifying.
I’m beginning to think she is a storm magnate!

Reaching my May goals went out the window this weekend. Our local Coast to Coast Hardware & Ben Franklin closed. This past Saturday the contents were auctioned. Guess who scored BIG! (I went with my father -in-law, so I can blame it all on him.) I needed a few needles…..I got them………Just a few.

The entire rack!
This is just some I have sorted!
Circulars, straights& DPN’s. Boye & Susan Bates.
I prefer my Addi’s but I can suffer with these!
Need any yarn? I needed 3 colors for a few projects. I was able to purchase 2 entire sections of yarn. It filled about 5 ft of a refrigerator box. I pulled out what I wanted and have listed the rest in my Etsy store. I have been listing for 2 days and have more to go.
So much for knitting the stash down. Can you tell how much it bothers me? HA HA HA!
If you want a great deal on needles or Acrylic’s you should check it out!

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