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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Family Time

One of my favorite photos of Rachel and Adam.
This was taken of their vacation a few yrs ago in Fla.

Hayden was our preemie grandson. Such a tiny thing. He was due the 1st week of January and was born the 19th of October. Hard to believe it was nearly 3 years ago.

Wow, Busy past two weeks!
Last weekend our youngest grandson Hayden was here, and yes he brought his parent’s, Rachel & Adam. Poor kid almost 3 and they still won’t let him drive! We held off working on the wall, just wanted to enjoy the time together.
It’s so neat to see the changes in Hayden, he’s growing so much, long and tall string bean.

Of course Grandpa had to break out the Big Boy Toys. Hayden is on front, Isaiah is on black. I’m not to sure who the biggest kid was, but I believe he's in the middle!

It was wonderful to see them. Rachel is looking better and better. With the heat she’s given up on wearing scarves except for work. Shiny heads are fine with us. Adam has been wonderful thru all of this. I'm glad they found each other.

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