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Monday, June 30, 2008

Hit the Wall on the Wall

I’m beginning to think building the wall for this patio is never going to end! I belive the wall is shrinking or, someone is removing rocks when were not looking!
I had to pull up some photos of what it did look like. Hard to see but, if you look at the trim under the window of the house, you can see how high it has had to come up.
We added a little over a foot today & The yard art pile is shrinking. Our oldest daughter Danielle came and gave Larry & I some major help. Excuse me, I for got Isaiah. At least it wasn’t as hot, mid 70’s and overcast. If I had the energy I would tap dance. Only one more row on the base wall, and then the upper knee wall,finish filling in and steps…..then we get to start on the floor. Boy will it be worth it! No knitting for me today, my fingers are to stiff.
Erika’s boyfriend Chris was coming over to help again but, while practicing his domestic abilities (he was washing dishes), sliced his hand at the base of his thumb on a glass. Now he can’t move his thumb. They spent the day in 2 Er’s. First one said it was beyond them and sent him to Jewish hospital in Louisville. For now he’s in a temporary cast & has surgery in the morning to try and find and then reattach the tendon. Looks like it slipped up into his wrist. We were teasing him and said he could have found a better way to tell us he didn’t want to haul rocks. And, obviously he needs more practice washing dishes! Have to find humor in the bad stuff!
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