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Monday, April 15, 2013

We Got the KEYS!!!!!

And inherited a mess!  The prior owners were 2 days late moving out (we closed Thursday morning)… sent her daughter to drop the keys off and took off.. We quickly sent Erika a text with a photo of the keys…. she was there before we had the door unlocked  Since she currently lives 1.5 miles away and the little house is less than 200 feet from our back door…that was quick!

When we unlocked the door, we quickly realized why they left so fast…the place was a MESS!

We cleaned cat hair 2 inches thick out of one room & the smell was as bad as you are imagining  GROSS! Curtains we thought were gold-ish beige were actually white…at the top. the rest was covered with cat hair.  We were worried there was urine in the floors  and they would need to be replaced but, cleaned and emptied it was fine

We’d agreed to purchase some furniture which was left but so was e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. else they couldn’t take in 6 carloads.  Yes, 6 carloads of personal items is all they took. The prior owner had made arrangements to have help moving with a truck but, upon confirming her help was still good to go…. the folks all backed out.  Seems she neglected to tell them she was moving to Tennessee !!SERIOUSLY..she was upset they backed out!

Goodwill was our friend today.  We didn’t even free-cycle this time. Years of “stuff”.  It all just needed to be gone fast.

6pm Saturday we got the keys & worked till 9-10 pm and all day today with the help of some awesome family Mike and Jessie and Mr. Fix-It’s cousin Mike.  They worked their rear ends off and we really appreciated the help.

.  We need to wash the windows again but it’s clean & Erika can start moving in now.  The bathroom needs a bit of work so that will hold up them actually living here for a few days yet. With the delay in getting the keys it shot having the repairs finished over the weekend.

Little House

All things left behind

Standing in the dining room looking into the living room

I seriously doubt the windows have been opened for 10 years or more.  We’ve never seen them open...  The blinds? NEVER!  The first thing I did was open them all over the entire house.  The windows have been washed no less than 3 times and I’m not sure they are clean yet.  They looked as if they had a tinted film (UGH).

It’s a sweet little house with an open floor plan on the entire front of the house & It’s now warm, clean and inviting!

2 huge bedrooms and a bathroom take up the back of the house.  We will be adding an addition of a 3rd bedroom (this summer) on the end of the living-room area.  The door way to it, will be on the end wall (closest to the inside wall) and unfortunately,  she will loose that window. 

Tomorrow we’ll start moving her things in and finding homes for everything.  Since most of her household was ruined when the city sewer backed up it will be a pretty easy move.  Other than a truck for a few bits of furniture, most we can move in her van or my Santa Fe.  On the positive side they can start out pretty  much clutter free!

Oh, and the bushes got trimmed hehehehe, have to show you photos of those tomorrow.  It’s 1 am & I’m crawling off to bed

Hope your weekend was as good as ours!



  1. So you had a pretty relaxing weekend, huh?

    Geesh, your daughter is so, so fortunate to have you living "next door." And all the work you all did in a short two day period!

    To actually be in possession of the place must feel WONDERFUL. (Especially now that it's cleaned up!)

    1. MP it was such a relief to have it done (purchase) It was work but relaxing and calming in a way. Knowing we have control of the property is such a relief!

  2. Oh wow...it looks like a lovely livingroom! I am so glad you've got the keys and she is moved in. I bet she can't stop smiling. Rest well and Congrats to her and her new home!

    1. Thanks Debbie, hoping she can actually stay there buy weeks end. Lots of little things need done yet

  3. Gross!!! You will probably need to bomb the house for fleas!cat smell is so hard to get rid of! But with tlc it should turn out great!

    1. Jillian, we were lucky, no fleas and after a good scrub and a ozone machine the smell is gone.

  4. Katie,

    Even though alot of work was required before having the ability to move your daughter in, the place has wonderful bones. Congratulations and enjoy the new place. Plenty of work to be done in the future, great investment for the family.

    1. Oh Sandy we've wanted this property since we purchased ours. Since it's so close to ours we were always worried she would sell it and we'd have no control over who lived there. Even though its a lot of work it's a major relief too.


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