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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Tip Time Tuesday

Toilet paper rolls!  Not just for TP

Making the quilts and pot holders I’ve batches of binding cut and ready to use.  There are times I can’t stop and sew but I generally have the binding cut with the quilts (once I see  which will look best).  prepping and having ready to go saves time when I’m ready to use it.  I had piles of binding ready but kept needing to repress wrinkles out….The empty rolls have come in handy


Bindings for potholders ready to be used

There are lots of ways to repurpose empty TP tubes, be sure and check out my friend

Sci-Fi over at “Bacon & Eggs”,  (AWESOME blog!) she has a few other ideas for using them.


My plans as of this morning were to sew for a while and then hit the garden to plant peas.  A bit of housework after that….

Well, I got the bit of sewing part….  I had the radio cranked up and kept the machine going.   I was hearing a train engine and thought it had been sitting for a while, much longer than normal.  About that time Mr.Fix-It called and I ended up running into town to pay the insurance for the new rental. But there was a problem leaving the drive way.  There were 2 huge cranes on track (think tanks) engines driving up (chewing up)our road.  They were the super huge derailment repair cranes. The train was still sitting across the road because 2-3 cars had derailed! 


That is one of the track rails half way down the ditch


I missed getting photos but, one of the cars was all the way down the embankment, the tanker car only half.

derailed 3

So, once I got going I paid the insurance and popped into a local grocery chain for some coffee.  They have the best coffee prices.  It’s wasn’t the store I generally shop at (it was in a very questionable section of town) but it was on the way home.  I ran in (remembered why It wasn’t were I generally stopped very quickly) got my case of coffee and left the store with 2-3 others.  Crossing the parking lot they went to the cars in front of and next to me…..I thought that’s weird..what are the odds in this size parking lot they would be this close.  Well, I got home reached across to the passenger seat for my purse to get out…..and it wasn’t there!  It was no where in the car.   I quickly drove back to the store….and the cart was still in the cart corral  empty.  I know the cart was empty when I pushed it in as it rolled back out and I had to angle it to stay in place.  Of course no one turned it in. I checked all the trash cans in the shopping center and the parking lot.

Now I wonder if I was played in the parking lot.   I always always always (except today) leave a store with my purse on my shoulder and my keys in my hand. I thought I remembered tossing it in the front seat but now I’m just not sure.  I do know the cart was empty when I left.

Thankfully I only had about $15.00 cash in my bag…along with a knitting project, a shawl I was knitting for me! I was my all time favorite bag.  I’d bought it at a resale shop about 10 years ago and it was just finally butter soft *sigh* 

Spent the afternoon at the bank setting up new accounts and of course today was the day we wired the down payment on the house…from that account.  Putting a hold on any checks other than the one I’d just written for the insurance….from that account. 

I tried to go on line and order a new drivers license but my new Debit Card won’t be active till tomorrow GAH!! Tomorrow to the police station to file a report (not that it will do any good)  Talk about feeling like an idiot!

I’m ready for the day to be over

Tomorrow will be better!



  1. Oh, Katie! The sinking feeling I got in my stomach as your story of the cars parked near you and your purse being stolen . . . that would have made me soooo mad! Just goes to show you can't be too careful. It's awful to think we have to walk around constantly being on guard, but maybe we do. I'm so sorry this happened to you.

    1. MP, Honestly I'm more upset with myself for now being more aware. Our little town is not the "little town" any longer *sigh* I thank God I don't have/carry credit cards. I've seen some women with 10-12 cards in their wallets, I can't imagine the time it would have taken to call all those companies and cancel cards! I think next time I'll take the long way home and shop at *my* store

    2. I meant to say *I'm more upset with myself for not being more aware.* Sleepy fingers I guess.....

  2. Katie,

    TP rolls are a wonderful tool for many projects. I love SciFiChick, shes a friend of mine. Lives not to far away from me.

    Oh no, that is awful news about your purse being stolen. So many people like to prey on women, especially now a days with the way the economy is going. Thank God you didn't have any credit cards in your purse and very little cash.
    Ever since last Christmas, I refuse to carry a purse. We had so many thefts in town, I now carry a front pocket wallet with very little in my wallet. In fact, I bought a mans small front pocket wallet and it works out really well. It also prevents me from carrying all kinds of stuff like I would in a purse and now my shoulder no longer hurts.

    Be safe,


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