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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Cleaning Up & Quilting

What a tease Mother Nature continues to be.

I woke this morning to nice bright sunshine …..and it was a whole 33 degrees.  I think we topped out to the mid 50’s for the day.

I got a few errands run dropping off Isaiah’s shorts from last year at the kids resale shop.While I was there I found a few tops for Evie.  We have plans for sewing a bunch of skirts so it’s nice having the tops to start with.  She’s at the “girly” stage where she wants skirts skirts skirts…..and I’m happy to oblige.  Besides, I can call sewing a form of  physical therapy right? 

I’ve gotten some quilting done, everything was on hold through the Easter Holiday

Right now I nearly have the top of this one nearly complete.  I’m working on adding the borders

Oink A Doodle Moo

I was laying out the blocks deciding placement


The clean up at the girls is nearly completed…well, I should say the sorting of damaged items & determining what can be salvaged.  We had to tease Erika as she has clothes & shoes coming out the wazoo.  She has not changed size since high school.  3 kids & still the same size.  (Makes me want to stuff a twinkie in her!)  She just text me and said there was a box of her shoes destroyed….she paired them up for a photo & there was 29 pair!!!!  Yes some from high school! Told her she better not claim them all or they would doubt the entire claim LOL!  Luckly we took a ton of photos & the clean up crew teased her a bit. The good thing is it’s forcing her to clean out some of those clothes!   We’re all actually glad we don’t have to haul them out to the new house.

A major loss is all of Alixandrea’s clothing.  We had a change or 2 here but she only had 2 changes upstairs.  Guess it’s a good thing the weather is finally warming up so she won’t need to pick up but 2-3 long sleeve tops for her.

The new house, we close this coming Thursday.  5 days. Moving her will be pretty easy now.  There are only a few pieces of furniture salvaged and a few kitchen things but that’s it.

Her bed and the new crib mattress were ok but the crew thought they were wet and started piling damaged/wet things on them and ….they were soaked with sewage along with the carpeting.

Needless to say it will only take a few truck loads to get her moved now.

Tomorrow will be organizing and packing the items we were able to salvage for the clean up team. 

Time to get off here and sew those boarders on!

Have a great weekend!



  1. Oh that is horrible that she lost so much! It will be easier to move her things but what a shame. The quilt looks great! Enjoy your nice weather...we had a snowstorm yesterday...again. UGH

    1. Thanks for popping in Debbie, Snow! Oh no! It was high 60's yesterday. I had my coffee outside today but it's overcast now. Hope your snow melts quickly and spring finds you soon!


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