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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

What a difference a chain saw makes

to the look of a house.  We were at taking a break from the inside clean up, we’d sent Erika on an errand with one of her Aunts (kind of a forced break) the guys were waiting to go pick up furniture which, due to the pending divorce wouldn’t happen.  Here we had all this wonderful willing help with nothing for them to do.  We were standing outside discussing the change in plans,  & I looked back at the house with those horrible overgrown bushes……

Lori's 003_thumb[5]

..and said “Hey Mikey, want to play with the chain saw?”

I hadn’t planned to work on the outside till she was moved in and the inside was finished but we had willing help….

Lori's 001_thumb[1]

This is a photo of the house last summer

and by the time she returned 2 hours later


Looks pretty barren but that won’t last long

The bushes were gone, the debris cleaned up and the guys had even scrubbed the green mold off the siding.

It was like day and night inside the house!

The base of the bushes were about 8 inches across, out in a field they would be fine.  next to a house WAY to big.   Now we have a nice clean slate to start with. 

Gutters will be going up right away. The house has a short roof line so rain water falls against the foundation…allowing water to seep into the basement.  We knew this was a problem when we made the purchase so no surprises there.  We also found 8-10 inches of soil has been eroded over time and let the front porch steps sink toward the house.  Repairs will need to be made right away on those which will stop some of the moisture. It won’t all happen overnight but at least we know what were up against. 

The shutters need painted but we cant decide on the color.  We want to coordinate with our house (which is tan and green shutters) but not use the same color.  We’re leaning toward a barn red?

Have a wonderful day


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  1. Oooh a barn red would be LOVELY! The house looks great now. Have fun puttering around!

  2. It IS amazing how a little light into the windows would make.
    Good luck and have fun with your renovations.


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