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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

You've got Mail!

Don't ya just love those men in brown? They bring the best packages! This is my great buy on e-bay......no more than $7.50 each! Debbie Bliss: Simply Baby, & Baby Knits: Erika knight simple knits for cherished babies; Jil Eaton, Simple Chic & Minnies!!!! YES!!! (Stomping my feet and doing the dance, you know the one)
I was looking for "Minnies" By Jil Eaton to make "mini pini". The others....well you know its like potato chips, you can't have just one! So, course to celebrate I HAD to go to Grinny Possum & visit Anne. I picked up Cascade 220 in Flamingo for the main body, and Highland Green for the bodice and bottom. Daisy shaped buttons in the same Flamingo. It’s on the needles now so if you know of any pattern issues please let me know. Yes once it came in my home it became STASH!

Dear Lady changing your clothes in the back seat of the Purple PT Cruizer

Dear Lady changing your clothes in the back seat of the Purple PT Cruizer in Jeffersonville, In. on 10th St. today @ 12:30,
Did you know even tho the car had tinted windows, the sun was shinning brightly thru the windshield? Standing up and leaning over, stripping from the top down, then dressing from the bottom up (while leaning over) may not be the best of choices?
Did you notice the car next to you nearly rear end the stopped car in front of him? How about the men in the quad cab truck behind them? I don’t think their thought were of taking you home to Mama. Although no “skin” showed, every bit of “Boobage” you were blessed with showed in perfect silhouette. But then, perhaps that was your plan. By the way, you might want to have that large lump on your bottom checked.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Comedy Palooza

I found a really neat radio program the other day called Comedy Palooza, http://comedypaloozaradio.net/index.php?&MMN_position=1:1It's easy & fun listening while knitting or anything else! Usually very light hearted and safe for family listening. Fred & Sheila are dedicated in supporting, visiting returning veterans in hospitals, WOUNDED WARRIOR PROJECT, OPERATION HOME FRONT, USO & HOMES FOR OUR TROOPS. Also the Communities of Child City of Mooseheart and the retirement community of Moosehaven! Fred Singlewide and one of America’s funniest moms, Sheila Van Dyke. Yes of “that” Van Dyke family. Check it out I think you’ll enjoy it. I’ll know whose listening by the Red shirts I see on Fridays

Score at the Local Yarn Store!

Drooling at Grinny Possum
See what I came home with? I’m working on f.peas “Mossy Jacket”, made with Classic Elite’s Renaissance in wine. It’s an easy pattern and knitting up quickly, the borders are left, I hate the finishing work! I hadn't used the Renaissance before but I sure will again. I had chosen the blue to be borders but changed my mind. (Once you bring your purchase home it becomes stash),,,,,Right?!?!?!?
Have I mentioned my local yarn store? Walking into Ann’s is like going home. Very welcoming and warm (only there is no dirty dishes and you don’t have to dust!) Ann is just super, never pushy and great about showing all options of fibers and price range. I won’t mention the countless times she’s helped explain a project, or teach new stitches. She’s always encouraging and supportive of the craft be it, knitting, spinning or weaving. Pull up a chair, pour a cup of coffee, pull out your knitting and get to it. She’ll even provide a tissue for your drool when fondling her yarn! I haven’t had the chance to take any of her many classes but……I love reading other knitters blogs and it really saddens me to I hear horror stories of their visits to local yarn stores. Call me, I’ll take you to Ann at the Grinny Possum!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Ladies day lunch, What love looks like

A lot happened the past 10 days or so….
I spent the weekend in Indianapolis with my daughter Rachel and her family. My grandson Hayden, had a touch of that nasty flu bug. He’s such a little love bug. Hayden was a preemie baby, due in January and born in October 2 years ago. He’s a bit behind in weight and development so it is wonderful to see the changes and improvements each visit. He is the image of his daddy Adam. Every once in a while I see some of our gene pool but he’s his Daddy’s clone!
Sunday we were planning our family’s new tradition of Ladies Day Lunch. Most of us live within 30 minutes of each other but, with work and children we go months with out seeing each other. We always say “we have to get together more often” time goes by, life gets in the way and it doesn’t happen. Well, 20th of December 07 Rachel called us. She has been diagnosed with uterine cancer. Needless to say a lot of priorities have shifted. She has missed the past gatherings, treatments and such she tires easily and makes traveling difficult. So, they all drove 2 hours and brought Ladies Day Lunch to her. It was wonderful we had lunch at an Irish pub, and the waiter took this photo of us all. We were missing only my daughter-in-law, 2 of my sister-in-laws and 3 nieces. I just sat there for a bit looking around the table at all of us gathered, different shapes, personalities, but one family. It was a reminder of what’s truly important, this is what love looks like.

Monday, April 14, 2008

I'm on a Wash cloth roll

Can you say "Bib’alicious” Baby

I've been on a cotton roll with these cloths since last night. I have a few baby sweaters I want to make but...have to earn that yarn! So, I made a few more cloths, simple but great for Baby Gifts or your own use. Now just to get everything posted on Etsy. Please forgive clutter, I'm trying to figure how to move the photos around. It will get better!

Earning my Stash

I want to play with my new "toys" so I've been a bit busy knitting the stash.
Last year a camping friend Ellen tried to talk me into knitting wash/dish cloths. I wanted to knit hats. I kept thinking about the cloths while I knit my hats. I started seeing these cloths everywhere or, patterns that would be cute as wash cloths. Checking out Ravelry, (it will be all caps pretty soon) I saw a few patterns by Lisa Millan of DigKnitty Designs. I am so hooked! Look at this, a Dragonfly, A tent & fire, and a camper!! Of all things in our line of work to not have a photo of right? I think I have about 20 of her patterns now so, you'll be seeing them here! A Spa set of a basket weave cloth and soap bag were next.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Eye candy in the mail

I picked up yesterdays mail, and received EYE CANDY!! An order from one of my new favorite "Yarn Queen's", Monkeypal hand-dyed yarns! Monkeypal.etsy.com I know its a shameless plug but they are not only beautiful but wonderful to knit with and wear. I found her on etsy.com. If you haven't made a visit to Etsy you really need to. Every thing's handmade. Clothing to yard-art and beyond! All the wonderful arts we as a society are losing to "fast food" shopping. Ok, so I'm over my social rant. (I'll save that for another time!) ;0. Here's the only issue. I FED THE STASH! I set myself a new rule. I have to knit 3 items to purchase another skein of yarn. (Unless of course its to finish a project or..on sale) So, its sitting on my table, in all its glory waiting for me to meet my self-imposed goals. Just staring at me saying na na na na na! Is this cheating, I said items, i didn't specify what type or size the project had to be. So, I'm knocking out some bibs, hats & mitts for my shop.

Fireworks From down river

We were almost a mile down river this year, I ran low on batteries so the photos aren't the greatest.
30 minutes of chest-vibrating fun!

Thunder Bust

I had hoped to offer some eye-popping, jaw dropping photos of Thunder over Louisville. Past years have been worries of how to avoid sunburn & heat stroke in 90 degree 75% humidity. This year it was how to stay warm! My husband had on long johns, jeans, 3 shirts a down vest & his hunting jacket. My grandson pretty much the same with layered fleece and a windbreaker, hat & hood, with a double layer fleece blanket. We were still freezing. The air show was awesome as always. My good friend Johanna (whom is NUTS!) just had on a sweatshirt jacket & Hat! We were only able to stay out about an hour.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Derby Kick-Off

We moved here to southern Indiana from Virginia. My husband was raised here, I'm from Calif.
With the move came my education of a few new southern traditions and holidays. Mainly the High HOLY day know world wide as THE KENTUCKY DERBY. Yes, it is pronounced in upper case. CHRISTMAS, THANKSGIVING, THE KENTUCKY DERBY. Only after you have lived here for about 10 yrs are you allowed to say DERBY. The pre-DERBY celebration is weeks long.
The kick-off is tomorrow with a celebration called "Thunder over Louisville". If you ever have the opportunity, GO TO Thunder. I may be banned from every KENTUCKY DERBY party for years to come for writing this but, I like Thunder as much as the KENTUCKY DERBY. Thunder is known as the largest fireworks display in the U.S.
Years ago, at the end of Desert Storm, we took our four children to Washington D.C. for the "end of the war" celebration on the Mall. The fireworks went on and on, it was breathtaking. Set to music, over 20 minutes if I remember correctly. It was wonderful to share that with our children but at the same time we knew they were now spoiled for smaller county celebrations.
The 1st Thunder we went to we were stunned. That's the only way to describe it. I think any fireworks I'd seen in my entire life fit in the first 10 minutes of Thunder. Thunder takes a good 30 minutes of solid fireworks, not 1 or 2 but possibly 10-15 at any given time, utilizing 2 bridges and 2 (maybe 3) barges. Nearly a million people gathered on both sides of the river at 9:30pm. People camp out the night before just to save "the good spots". Tomorrow we will brave the crowds to see the air show, eat the elephant ears once again but this time we will view the awe that is Thunder thru the eyes of our 4year old grandson Isaiah.

Knitting the stash

If you’ve found me……well I’m sure it was by accident! I was encouraged by a few well-meaning cyber friends to start a Blog . I could say it is my way of keeping in touch with extended family, to express my political views, but in reality it is to hold myself accountable. For what you ask? Well, my knitting stash.
Can anyone REALLY say when a stash is too big? I mean, with the price of gas going up everyday, wheat and corn prices rising…..who is to say cotton or wool won’t?
I love Ravelry. Let me say it again, I LOVE RAVELRY! If you knit or crochet you have to sign up on www.ravelry.com. There are so many IDEAS! PATTERNS! Other KNITTERS! And only 24 hours in a day.