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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Eye candy in the mail

I picked up yesterdays mail, and received EYE CANDY!! An order from one of my new favorite "Yarn Queen's", Monkeypal hand-dyed yarns! Monkeypal.etsy.com I know its a shameless plug but they are not only beautiful but wonderful to knit with and wear. I found her on etsy.com. If you haven't made a visit to Etsy you really need to. Every thing's handmade. Clothing to yard-art and beyond! All the wonderful arts we as a society are losing to "fast food" shopping. Ok, so I'm over my social rant. (I'll save that for another time!) ;0. Here's the only issue. I FED THE STASH! I set myself a new rule. I have to knit 3 items to purchase another skein of yarn. (Unless of course its to finish a project or..on sale) So, its sitting on my table, in all its glory waiting for me to meet my self-imposed goals. Just staring at me saying na na na na na! Is this cheating, I said items, i didn't specify what type or size the project had to be. So, I'm knocking out some bibs, hats & mitts for my shop.

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  1. There's nothing in the world quite like opening a box of new yarns in the mail.

    In answer to your question in your sidebar about does yarn count as insulation, we have a closet in our family room with a wall to the garage with no insulation, just brick back behind there. I do insulate there with Rubbermaids of wool, and it does make a huge difference!

    --AlisonH at spindyeknit.com


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