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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Free Finds…The traveling boarders

Have found a home. 

One of Mr.Fix-It’s sisters had these brick boarders along her flower beds.  When she changed her garden plans, they no longer worked for her and she passed them on to her neighbor. IMG_2212

As it turns out, the neighbor decided not to use them and unless she found a home for them, they were on their way to the curb free for the taking.  My SIL called & offered them to us. When the weather clears a bit we will use a few here around the tree to retain the rock but other than that…they are perfect for the new little house we bought!

Score!  She said there were 25 or so & I thought great…they will at least go across the front of the house……um, there were over 75! Thank goodness we took the truck (and gloves) to pick them up! 

The house needs some serious help in the landscaping department. Can you say blah!? Other than the huge out of control bushes, there is nothing planted nor has there been in the last 20 years.. 

The budget for landscaping is basically “0” so, we’ve been brainstorming what can be separated and thinned out from my flowerbeds to perk it up.  I’ve hosta, mums, lily, iris, stonecrop…It’s in sore need of color and personality but we will need to do it on the cheap using what we have or can find free from friends..  We’ve no  idea what the soil is like but, I’m sure it will needing to be amended, along with painted shutters, installing gutters…the list is getting longer but we’ll take it one step at a time.

R I g h t…who am I kidding, Erika & I will dive in full steam LOL! 

First things first, we need to get them moved and settled in

15 days to closing…we’re not excited at all can you tell? LOL!


  1. Congratulations on finding a place!!
    Now the fun part begins . . . .

  2. Oh fantastic! Those will really come in handy. I love recycling old items from neighbors and people I know. Can't wait to see pictures when you are done!

  3. Free bounty you can really use is the BEST! Sounds as though you've already got a good start on what you can do for landscaping. Have you thought about rhubarb plants? Call me crazy but several plants in a row make a lovely thick hedge and stay luscious and green all spring/summer/fall with next to no work. Most people need to divide their plants in the spring so maybe put out the word (even advertise) that you'd take some roots off gardeners' hands. If we were closer, I would gladly give you some of mine.


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