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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Feelin Like A Yo-Yo

This weather is just nuts! 

One day snowing and freezing cold, the next in the mid 60’s.  It’s been this way the last 10 days.  Mother nature is teasing us and laughing like crazy I’m sure.  Today was the second in a row of low 60’s.

Taking advantage of the nice weather we were able to prep the raised beds and sewed all kinds of lettuce, spinach, 2 kinds of carrots & radishes.  Broccoli starts fill another bed & I’m hoping early planting will beat out those bugs.  Most of the main garden is still to wet to work but, I may be able to start peas and kale along the edge tomorrow…..fingers crossed.

I started this post last night while it was still 58 at midnight…this morning it’s snowing! At this rate kale and peas will have to wait till after Easter.


On to better news….my shoulder is slowly recovering.  I feel very fortunate as I’ve been told most with frozen shoulders take years to recover.  My PT is deep tissue manipulation…not always fun but it hurts sooooo good!  What amazes me is how all other chest and back muscles need to be retaught their *proper placement and job*  so many have become “out of whack” trying to protect my shoulder.  Raising my arm straight out shoulder level is my mastery this week… above my head is still a challenge but it will come with work and time.


Remember back in January I mentioned our neighbor accepted our purchase offer on the house next door?  Well, 2 days later she reneged. We’ve been so upset and frustrated trying to get this done.  Every time we would talk…. the price would go up.  We found another property very close and let her know enough was enough…it has been 5 months ..if we couldn’t come to an agreement we would purchase the other property.  Wouldn’t you know the  next day we had a signed purchase agreement!

We close in 26 days!!

Anyone want to join us for a cleaning/paining/moving party?



  1. Glad to hear your shoulder is recovering and you signed the deal! Our weather has been just awful. Looking out my window right now at ANOTHER snow storm. Ugh. Enjoy working in your garden you lucky girl!

  2. Debbie, I think our weather is pretty much the same! We ended up with 2 inches of snow yesterday with rain today. No more time in the garden for a while here!

  3. Good luck with the moving-- and glad to hear your shoulder is better. YAY! you get to work in your garden! I got my raised garden beds going. And finally we are getting rain, which helps my little crops... Enjoy !

  4. Hey email me your address! I lost it and have your seeds ready to send out (finally!) :-)

  5. Congrats on the (finally) finalized real estate deal! What a relief that must be. And good to hear your ouchy shoulder is coming along so well. Keep doing your homework inbetween therapy sessions. That will make faster improvement than almost anything!

    We've had snow all day today with it forecasted to be heavier tonight. Such is the month of March in the northwoods!

  6. Hooray for the house! Now the fun part begins! :)

    Thanks for checking on me, I"m just hunkered down for a bit and laying low.

  7. I'm so happy that you have closed on your new property. It must be a relief to know that it's finally yours. And it's good to hear that your shoulder is healing. It may sound like a long time to wait for full recovery, but the wait will be so worth it - and over before you know it! :-)


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