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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Bits of this and that

Not much going on around here major, just bits of this and that. 

Like everyone else in  blog land I’m feeling the nudge to get all those last lingering winter projects completed.  We unpacked a box that has been on the floor in the very back corner of the pantry for years.  It was Mr. Fix-It’s grandparents family china gifted to us when we got married 29 years ago todayGma C ChinaBy family I mean everyday family china.  The box was damaged in part from a mouse war (which we won) the rest was 20+ years age.  Anyway, its been sitting unpacked on the bar in my kitchen for quite a while.  I don’t have a lot of cabinet space upstairs for storage & didn’t want to just box it back up….we want to use it.  So today I finally figured out a way to store it in the buffet.  I cleared out a few decorations we’ve not used in a year and it fits perfectly.  Easy to access and store back when done.  

This past week rearranged a bit more in the basement.  This time in the food storage area.  Another set of shelving was added and now I need to rearrange the cases of jars, full and empty. I want to come up with an established arrangement.  Kind of a spacing system for empties, fruits, meats and vegies to go as they are preserved.   We had so few shelves before things were stacked in boxes on the floor and shifted to shelves as they were emptied.  Now we have nearly tripped the shelving & I want to start with everything organized…..I can dream can’t I LOL!



  1. Yep, we've both (hubby and I) been cleaning and rearranging and organizing, too. Funny you should mention the dishes. I want to unpack the dishes I got right after we were married (Franciscan "Apple" pattern) and start using them again. A couple/few years ago I got it into my head that I wanted some all white dishes and my dear brother-in-law (who was in the ceramics business) was sweet enough to send some to me. Now I find myself missing my old dishes so I think I'd like to get them out for a while. But no room for the two sets so one has to be packed away.

    1. I think it's a squirrel syndrome in reverse! Hurrying to get everything done for the season change. Benefits are a lighter and more spacious feeling house. Bring on spring!


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