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Saturday, December 29, 2012

What a wonderful week

And random thoughts…

We had a great time with family this past week.  We had a house full and I loved every minute of it.  Midnight mass together, up early with the little's for gifts and family breakfast.  Christmas afternoon with Mr.Fix-Its family, supper and a dirty Santa gift exchange.  When the immediate family grows to over 30 it’s the safest way to exchange a gift and have fun without breaking the bank!

The family room is still full of toys, little cars, Legos & baby dolls…The quilt was a hit.  IMG_1706

Isaiah sharing with his mama

and I need to make Evelyn & Hayden each one now or, something similar.


A few weeks ago I started de-crap-afying cleaning out the basement more & was focusing in the old sewing room area.  I found 4 quilts in various stages & it’s given me the sewing itch again.   Baking through Christmas I realized I’m out of hot pads.  Mine had worn out & I’ve just been using hand towels.  I found a tub full of drapery fabric samples that will be perfect for hot pads.  Yes, the basement is that full I’d lost & forgotten about that big tub.  Shameful I know.  Knitters talk about reaching SABLE “Stash Acquisition Beyond Life Expectancy”  It’s time to admit I’ve reached that point in fabric and wool…. I’ve decided to dive back in to sewing and use it up…or attempt to at least.

  I started looking and mentally listing out projects..

Aprons, Mine are rags and Erika has asked for a few which means Evie will want one like her mama.

Hot pads and pot holders

quilts….we need 3-4 bed spread size to replace those wearing out

Curtains….for the guest room

Crib sheets for little Alix

Table runners and napkins for the dining room

Summer dresses for Evelyn and Alix

I have a list of Mama’s asking for little girls skirts in the Etsy Shop

a few baby and doll quilts

Plenty down there to keep me busy for a long while!

What do you have lined up for winter projects?



  1. I am glad you had such a wonderful week Katie! It looks as if he LOVES his quilt...so cute! My goals will be working through my fabric stash as well and making a few lap quilts and bed quilts. If I can get those done, I will be happy! LOL Have a great New Years!

  2. I'd love to get a winter where I could knit, quilt, sew and read to my heart's content. I think the secret to getting that would be for us to have winter with a lot of snow (it's about time!) so I could stop looking at all the tasks I "could/should" be working on outside. Snow makes it impossible to do some things and probably even better, covers up things so I just don't see them!


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