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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Still Kickin!

Just moving slower

There seems to be a theme across most of my bloggy friends of bloggers block or apathy..  Not sure what it is.  Could it possibly be we go 150 miles an hour in the spring through summer with the gardens & into fall with canning and food preservation?  Then like balloons we seem to deflate physically and emotionally come winter.  I know with the election and state of the economy we all have higher emotional stress levels we try to bury and it’s seemed to catch up.  I keep thinking I need to post or, that would be a good post…but it seems to take to much energy right now.

So, let me recap the past month or so…

A few highs,

My sun oven came in! I was so excited about it and then rained for a week after arrival, Thanksgiving, family events…it seemed like one thing after another kept me from using it.  This week we should have a few clear-ish days to break it in.

Fall finishing 012

We also picked up a smaller solar panel & inverter.  We have a hand crank emergency radio and a few other things that can be hooked up to it our next power outage.  IMG_1339

We’ve been looking at solar power for the house but again other things have taken priority for a while. When we lived in VA we had solar hot water & I loved it. We had 8-12 children living with us at any given time & NEVER ran out of hot water with laundry, showers and dishes. Right now it’s time and $ to do it


My Father in law is recover well.  Early September he started really slowing down, just not feeling well in general & had trouble swallowing.  After a month of Dr’s appointments to find out what was going on, his knee just swelled up…. ballooning, red & painful.The knee he’d had replaced 3-4 years ago.   My brother in law took him to the  VA E.R. out of frustration/worry…  Turns out he had some type of bacterial infection that nearly killed him. They said he would not have made it a week longer.  They immediately admitted him and started a full workup in CCU.  Thankfully/weirdly the infection settled into the pin that connected the knee together.   Surgery to replace the pin and clean the knee out kept him in the hospital for a 10 day period over Thanksgiving.  4 weeks into a 6 week course of IV antibiotics has him feeling nearly himself again. We’ve still no idea how the infection was started.

The odd thing was his knee itself had been fine.  The infection just happened to settle there…what a blessing a replacement knee turned out to be in more ways than one!  He was feeling well enough he attended our company Christmas party Friday night and stayed the entire time.   First outing since September!

The hunters have been hunting with some success.  There are 3 deer in the freezer and we are hoping for 3 more (we supply family meat also) to have a cushion.

We got hit with that flu bug that ran through ours and Erika’s & the kids, then back to us, then back to a few of the kids a second time.  I think that has been the majority of our problem as it leaves you tired and sluggish for weeks….like your get up and go is on vacation LOL!


For not having much to say I’ve gotten pretty windy here!  I’ll catch up more next post

Have a wonderful weekend


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  1. Nice to hear from you! Glad your F-in-law is doing well....quite a scary situation there! You will have to let us know how the solar oven works and where in the world did you find that solar panel?! LOVE that idea!


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