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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Bye Bye November!

What a crazy month it’s been! I’ve quite a bit to catch up on..

The hunters have been hunting

Isaiah had his first hunting trip this year!

He’s been begging to go for the past 2 years and always has a left behind puppy dog look when the guys leave for the weekend.  He’s helped with butchering since he could walk, helped load and unload gear, helped walk and scout the hunting areas…every step but actually hunting.

Think he looks a tad excited to go? 

Mr. Fix-It was preparing to go after Thanksgiving supper…tossed Isaiah a bag and said here, “you might need this”…(the bag contained thermal coveralls) & you could see those mental wheels were turning by the look on his face. He looked at me and asked what are these for? (hoping… hoping).  I had to tease him more and said well, “you know you needed good snow gear, you’ve outgrown everything”.  Then Mr. Fix-It asked him “where’s your boots?”  He was tossed extra hats, given long johns, gloves, etc…All extra “stuff” he/Mr. Fix-It found in his gear bag.

Poor Isaiah, you could tell he didn’t want to ask to go again.  About the time he was ready to pop grandpa had mercy & said since he seemed to have enough gear of his own he should come with them.  We heard…” really?  Really? REALLY?!?!?!  I get to go? 


Of course he had to try everything on.

  I’ve been watching thrift stores for kid gear and have yet to find anything!  I think boys are much harder on winter gear than girls


Evie was so excited for him but had no idea why LOL!


  Uncle Mury played along when he got there, made him go through the list of gear to make sure he was ready.  It was to funny and his reaction was priceless!

The return smile was just as big.


He stayed by grandpa’s side harnessed in to a tree stand acting as spotter (when he didn’t fall asleep LOL!)  He said it was cold out but he was plenty warm & wants to go again….so although there was no deer…

we count the trip as a success.


  1. Sweet! I love teasing the little ones before doing a project. They get so excited. Just wait Mom, he will have a kill on his next hunting venture.

  2. We love to tease and they have started to tease back now..I think they will get one next trip, Isaiah's position in the stand actually cost them a doe on that trip 8-/.

  3. Oh how wonderful Katie. When you were describing his sense of anticipation to find out if he was actually going hunting, it brought tears to my eyes. Poor little guy. I am so glad he had fun.


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