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Friday, November 30, 2012

Thanksgiving Eve

Stupidity reined!

For the past month I’d desperately needed to clean out the pantry and kept putting it off.  It got really messy with summer and canning then I bought a bunch of items in bulk…..It was a messy job I just kept putting off.  The night before Thanksgiving I couldn’t find anything in there…so I had enough, got real stupid and started emptying shelves……deep shelves.

Mr.Fix-It thought I’d lost my mind and bravely stayed to help & watch the comedy show.


My entire kitchen quickly became trashed. 


Hour and a half later, it was all cleaned up with neat, reorganized and clean shelves. 

Was I ever surprised and upset with myself over some of my finds of expired food.  I thought I had a decent rotation system in place but evidence of full trash bags proved me very wrong.   Such a waste & I and now have a better rotation system in place.


Just in case you ever run into a syrup bottle stuck to a shelf & hot water won’t loosen it (Not that it has ever happened to me *Snort*) ..a blow dryer on high will loosen that sucker right up.   



  1. Oh Katie, you really tackled a big one! I have been avoiding my pantry as well! Way to go on getting it clean for Christmas....I was wondering where you were! :0)

    1. Oh Debbie, all I could do is laugh at the crazy idea, those pantry shelves are 30 inches deep. It all started when I was trying to get the flour out for pie crusts! I know I'm way behind on posts again, catch up soon it's been bonkers crazy

  2. OK now that's some funny stuff right there!! Girl, I've been there done that... yep even got the T Shirt. LOL
    Well it's ready for the holidays now so all is well.

    A blow dryer, huh?!?

    1. Sci, I thought of your thanksgiving post from last year and figure we MUST be related some how! There wer a few packages so old they were empty! I even found a mayo jar in the back that had turned brown!!! GROSS!

  3. When I buy any groceries, I place the date of purchase on the purchased item in black perma marker and rotate the items. New stuff to the rear of stack, older stuff to the front. The black marker makes it easier to catch a date. I've also put 3 separate shelving units in my kitchen to place the groceries on to see better because we have limited lighting in the kitchen. The lights are no where near the cabinets. There always seems to be a shadow cast when you open the cabinet and it's hard to see.

    I've also noticed when I shop some of the grocery stores here tend to sell items that are close to expiration dates. I had that problem with a few things being expired and didn't catch it.

    1. Sandy, I NEED to be that organized! Lighting is an issue for me also, I need to purchase one of those push button lights. For the most part the items I tossed are things we no longer use. Now I need to take on the freezers!

  4. wow you been busy haven't you.It's amazing how much stuff we collect in our pantries uh?


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