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Monday, October 15, 2012

Showing Guests a Good Time

What great weekend!  We had friends down from northern Indiana for the weekend & took them to the Knob Creek Machine Gun Shoot in WestPoint KY.

It was a day for “Big Boy Toys. 

This video is a few years old.  This weekends is not posted yet

The guys hoofed it up to the range at a much faster pace than Lori & I…I think they were a tad excited.   When Lori & I were about 100 yards away from the main range some type of weapon was fired that was strong enough I literally felt the skin on my arm move & Lori’s pant legs moved from the percussion.  As the gentleman behind us commented it was a good “sphincter check”.  

It was a beautiful afternoon weather wise and spent with great people. Walking in (and out) I noticed license plates from Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Florida, both Carolina’s, Colorado, Illinois…..people from all over made the trek to this sleepy little town to witness the fierce fire power that helps keep our country free.   Anything from WW1 to current weaponry was available….and I mean anything!  MRE’s, weapons of any size and gear was for sale.  Lori & both picked up a few t-shirt’s and at one point made comment we didn’t seem notice any Obama gear LOL! 

Gee, I wonder why!

Hope your weekend was just as fun



  1. Sounds like a great time with wonderful friends. What a neat event to attend, I didn't know of such a thing!

    1. Oh Debbie, it was so much fun! Not something I would want to do a lot but 1-2 times a year it's a blast

  2. Oh Man.....I missed out, would have loved to see and even participate shooting. You would never see Obama gear at these events, it not invited, lol....

    1. Sandy, I think you would have enjoyed it. Yes, you could have participated. Safety and security were strong but, Any firearms carried in were secured with bright orange zip ties etc. They have a fantastic gun safety course also. Not just a play ground but educational also. Yes, the obama comment was made with just a touch of scarcasm LOL!

  3. "A good sphincter check" Oh, my that's halarious! I've never heard that expression before. lol I'm glad you had a good time :-)


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