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Monday, October 1, 2012

It’s raining, It’s pouring

But no one here is snoring!

It has rained steadily a.l.l. day long.  Started about 10am and hasn’t stopped.  We must have had at least 2 inches so far and the temps dropped to 59 degrees last I checked.

This morning I went to the grocery for the Monday produce check and made out pretty well.  2 nice sized heads of cauliflower for .49 cents, A bag of yellow sweet bell peppers for .49, 3 pound of carrots for .29 cents and 2 huge stalks of celery for….you guessed it.49 cents.

I also picked up some rhubarb for Mr. Fix-.it.

He loves rhubarb sauce.  Made basically the same as apple sauce but much quicker.  I chop it up in 1 inch pieces, put it in a pan with about 1 inch of water and let it cook down.  When the large chunks start breaking down I add 3/4 – 1 cup of sugar and let it bubble till it’s pretty thick.  Even if you don’t like rhubarb you aught to give it a try..this cooks up with a similar flavor to sweet-tarts.  If he was home this afternoon a good portion would be gone by now.

Pumpkin 005

I was able to can 3 1/2 pints and 1pint of it.   It was a holiday treat while he was growing up & still a favorite.  I’ll have to hide it on the shelves if I want any to last.

The carrots and celery are chopped and in the dehydrator….smells so good.  Peppers will go in tomorrow.  I need more peppers like I need another hole in my head but, I’ll use them or share with the girls.

The tomato’s are still going but have slowed way down.  I’ve been popping them in a bag in the freezer till I have enough for a batch of sauce.  I’ve been using the crockpot for sauce & love the freedom ….no watching the pot so it doesn’t scorch.  Saturday late afternoon I loaded it up and let it cook down to mush. Early evening I popped it in the blender…. skins and all.  Then back in the crock pot on low overnight.  In the morning I had a nice thick sauce ready to be canned.  Soooo much easier! With the temp drop today I think I’ll have a large load of green tomato’s to work with. 

This afternoon I started working on the pumpkins I picked up at the farmers market. I love preserving our food.  I know where it comes from, where & how it was grown.  Much better quality and a LOT more food for your money.

   So far I have 16 pints cooling on the table and 5 more (last load for tonight) in the pressure cooker waiting for it to release

Pumpkin 004

I found out the hard way Puga really dislikes the pressure cooker.  His cage is in the kitchen and I didn’t even think when I let him out.  In the past he’s been in the cage when I’ve had it going.  He squawked and carried on when the weight was rocking.  I think with the noise and cage door open he felt unsafe or challenged.  And it was evening which is our play time.  As it happens Mr. Fix-It is out for the evening so, I kept the pressure cooker going much later than normal.

Pumpkin 003

He was highly irritated and not about to let me close the cage back without a fight….think of a 3 yr. old on a sugar high…not a great attitude to negotiate with!

Pumpkin poop (and coffee grounds) ready for the compost bin

Pumpkin 001

But it’s pouring rain & I’m not going down to the compost bin tonight!

Time to finish cleaning up the sticky pumpkin goo that is on all my counters, cutting boards ….and floor.



  1. Ahhh pumpkin poop! Noice! Rain!! Don't you be talkin' to me aboot rain....mutter, mutter, spit, spit, spit...pfrrrt! :D ♥

  2. Goodness woman you have done quite a bit uh?Our rain is otta here for now and I keep thinking where in the you know what was it when I had my plants going?be so glad to move back home can't wait til spring heehee.

  3. Wow, you were very productive while it poured outside! Good for you! I love rhubarb sauce....so yummy. Enjoy the rain and send some this way...we need it badly. :)

  4. Ah Sue, I bet your sick of rain and ready for your Spring! I'll be having garden envy reading your posts soon

  5. AF, I hear you! We needed this rain badly this summer. I bet your so excited making plans for the move. I can't wait to see photo's

  6. Debbie, Thanks for popping in, Loved your post for winter prep. Rhubarb sauce won't last long unless I hide it LOL!

  7. Oh yah!there will be pictures.And as far as food goes as long as I can get hubstead to get it past his nose,he'll pretty much eat a lot of stuff but ruhubarb..no.I do the regular cooking and he makes the sweets.Works out great.

  8. I say you made out in the grocery store. I also see you've been quite busy canning. What an adorable bird.

  9. Well, now you've made me hungry for pumpkin pie with home canned pumpkin!

    Have you tried the rhubarb sauce over a slice of pound cake with a dollop of vanilla ice cream on top? Super-gourmet dessert in my book!

    Please send rain our way. We're still too, too dry.

  10. Katie,
    Hi from worms-a-crawlingfarm. I saw your comment and made a reply. And desided to stop by and see your Blog.
    Will add to Blog list and be back to read all your posts.
    Thanks again for the kind words about Daisy!


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