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Monday, October 1, 2012

Beautiful Weekend

What a beautiful morning we had yesterday!

I woke up early or what I thought was early, it was 7 am but still dark out!  Can’t wait for that time change to roll around!

Stumbling out for coffee I found Mr. Fix-It at the kitchen table sharpening my kitchen knives.  They’ve gotten dull these past few months chopping while dehydrating and canning.  It was really odd to have dull knives, when the girls were living at home they were sharpened quite often..especially on date nights.

After coffee we went out and shot a few rounds.  Mr.Fix-it has had a problem with the muscles in his left arm seriously limiting the use of it. We think he over extended or pulled a muscle/tendon when we were placing the steps out back. He’s been to our Chiro for physical therapy which has helped tremendously.  Pulling the bow has been pretty painful this past month & with hunting season starting tomorrow….well, “Lucy we got’s a problem”  This mornings shooting was a test of his progress in healing.  I’m happy to say he had little to no difficulty with the draw & is back on his way to great shape….Which in turn makes me happy as it means we will have freezers full of venison this winter!  WOOOOT!

It was beautiful outside!  Low to mid 70’s perfect weather for all those little ”I’ll get a round to it projects”  Things that were not pressing in full summer but small projects that need done now,  He fixed the 4 wheeler and the tire on the small trailer it pulls, so I cleaned up a bunch of garden debris, hauled it down & loaded the compost bin.  I need to add some dirt  and will call that bin done till spring.  This week I’ll pick up a few pallets to get the next bin built and ready to use.

His poor garage is in a mess.  Both tractors are in pieces, we still have all the construction debris left over (but to good to toss) from the addition and other projects.  Used cabinets we picked up to repurpose in the new laundry room but decided against…get the idea?  He’s a neat and orderly person.  A place for everything and everything in its place kinda guy & the garage disorder is driving him crazy.   A truck load of trash later and some rearranging, bits of shelving and it’s better..  a least its clear enough to start sorting things out & creating pathways.

I can’t say there were major accomplishments, we worked but took things at an easy pace placing no pressure on each other to “get r done”.  

I think after the busy summer it was just the weekend we needed restful yet productive.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend


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  1. Hi! It sounds like you and your sweetie are getting lots done. How satisfying!

    I'm glad you were interested in the cookbook contest I mentioned on my blog this morning. Good luck!

  2. 70's, oh how I would love the 70's about now! Keep up the hard work!

  3. Sounds like you have been busy! isn't it satisfying to get those odd jobs done before winter? Have a great evening Katie. :0)


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