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Monday, October 29, 2012

All Secure…but cold

Mr.Fix-It came home and changed the lock on the side door (new addition) with in 10 minutes of getting home.

Hadn’t even taken his boots off.

Jelly & Locks 002

Last night I slept like a log, didn’t get up till just after 7 am.  Serious bead head and a numb right arm and hip.  I don’t think I moved at all during the night.   Safety & security is wonderful thing!

I don’t know about your neck of the woods but around here Fall is over. It was here for about 2 weeks, I blinked and it was g.o.n.e.

  I left the house about 10am. with a scarf and a mid weight fleece jacket …BIG mistake.  By the time I got 20 ft. to the car I was ready for the heater.

Here in So Indiana/Louisville area we are caught between the overflow winds from the east and the blustery cold front approaching from the west. We had 45 mph winds that cleared the patio area of all the leaves (thankyouverymuch) better than the leaf blower and in less time.

It also brought the cold. 

I have to say I’ll take our wind and the cold weather it brings over the storms on the east coast.  It will take at least a month to get everyone powered up again

Earth quakes on the west coast, tsunami’s, east coast storm…makes me wonder if God’s not leaning over and shouting


Can you hear me now?


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  1. Glad you have the lock changed--peace of mind is the best thing for a good night of sleep!

  2. Let's hope the lock change will continue to give you peace of mind and good sleep at night.

    Yes, we here in the Midwest (or nearly so) can be very thankful for our non-hurricane/earthquake weather! Our weather now is high 40s during the day and high 20s at night. I'm predicting an early winter for us . . . and if it kills all those garden pests and other crud (blight and bad fungi), I'm all for it!

  3. I was suprised that "Fall" was already over up in Ohio when were were there this weekend. Looked like (and felt) like Winter to me! Stay warm!

  4. Hahaha! 'Can you hear me now?' That was a nice chuckle to start the day.

    I'm glad you got the locks changed. Peace of mind is a wonderful sedative.

  5. Yep, I believe that is what God is saying as well Katie. Glad you got the locks changed.

  6. Katie,

    I'm happy where we live right now, temperatures are in the 30's-40's early mornings, and afternoon early evening in the 60's 70's for now. My husband is trying to leave Ohio as I type. He was there working for a couple of days. His first flight was cancelled, now he's set up on another. I'm concerned he won't make it home because his next flight is out of Chicago. Keeping my fingers crossed.
    Hurricane Sandy from the east and the winter storm coming from the west is kicking butt in a few areas. My sister is sitting in a hotel in Virginia. She has been trying to get out too.

    Stay warm, don't let the winds get to you. It's great when you can get a really good night sleep.

  7. I just tagged you Katie and I hope you play along!



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