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Friday, October 26, 2012

A Day Of Busy-ness

It’s been a busy week. Not a whole lot of one thing but bits of this and that. 
Beans for seed left to dry on the vine were all harvested yesterday or,  nearly all harvested.  I was pulling plants as I went & won the prize….Fall finishing 001
Which had me yelling EEEEWWWWW and running walking away.  I know it’s just a snake skin but it leads to the question, where’s the snake! These I’m setting aside for a few days till it’s to chilly for outdoor work
The chives got a final (I think) hair cut.
Fall finishing 018

Chopped up & in the freezer with the other bags waiting for soups and stews this winter
From the main garden the last of the squash/pumpkin harvest is in
Looks pretty good right?

Last of the Harvest 005
How about adding a sharpie marker to the photo for a a bit of size perception
Last of the Harvest 006
They are all so tiny, combined maybe enough for a meal
Tomato’s are all that’s left and they need to come in this evening as the weather man is calling for low 50’s for the high tomorrow and a cold snap over the weekend.  If that weather change wasn’t enough to curl my toes he said the 4 letter word.  That’s right S>N>O>W> next week.  I’m so not ready!
I popped in the local hardware store the other day and caught a good clearance of plants.  I scored 3 more blueberry bushes for about $2.50 each.  I planted them today and think there will be enough decent weather for them to “set” and make it through the winter.  For $2.50 it’s a chance I’m willing to take.
I’ve a bag of potato’s with my name on it waiting to be dehydrated..
Have a great day
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  1. Hey Katie, time to buckle down and get the outdoor chores down as the cold weather is on it's way! We have had snow already and it's nasty!

    1. Ours is due next week now but I think things may change with that gigunda storm coming up from the south..now my gotta do list is growing & less time to accomplish it!

  2. We're suppose to go down to 34 tonight here.Oh well as long as i'm warm and cosy it all good.Katie how do you freeze your chives? I use all sorts of herbs for cooking but they are already dried.

    1. Ann I cut them up into a baggie & pop in the freezer. Mama Pea puts hers in a "container" but she's more organized than I am. I like the baggies as I can stuff them in the nooks and cranies between frozen goods. Oregano and thyme I either freeze or dehydrate. Chives just blow around in the dehydrator.

      Put another blanket on the bed!

    2. Gosh I am learning soooo much thanks!

    3. That's what I love about this blogging group, everyone has something to teach, & we all have more to learn. Sharing knowledge is to the benefit of us all...actually an obligation

  3. We are just heading into summer here if you want a holiday and to avoid the snow.

    1. Therese! I would so love to! But man, that is one looooong flight!


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