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Friday, December 11, 2009

Miss Evie Strikes A Pose

I finally was able to take a photo of Evie in her new Punkinhaus Gnome Hathat&longies 008It’s a tad big but I think the smaller size would be to smallhat&longies 009 of course I may be a bit biased, bit I think she’s a doll! The hats darn cute too!

Today in Etsy I listed to day a pair of large longies I call Black Ice

hat&longies 018

I found the pink Trim and completed the Bunny Longies

hat&longies 017

On the needles I have a small pair of hand dyed and a small pair of Gray & Cream Marle, nice unisex colors. Just need to finish the legs and they will be ready to post.

Our son Aaron James’ birthday was yesterday. We called him In San Diego. He’s putting on a good front but I know he misses Ania badly. She’s still in Poland, caring for her mother who was diagnosed with cancer 2 days after the wedding. Thank God for Skype!


  1. Yep, stinkin cute!!! Gotta love those pink cheeks... Too too cute!

  2. I ordered this hat pattern after your post and after seeing how adorable Evie is, I'm glad I did. I'm sorry about your son. My husband was gone for just 10 days and it was hard. I can't imagine.

  3. What a cutie pie!!

  4. The hat is too cute. Evie too!! I have a very old pattern that is similar to that one. If you want it I can send it to you. It is knit in a K2 P2 pattern. Fast and easy.

  5. Both Evie and the hat are adorable! I just want to kiss those cute red cheeks. :)


  6. Sorry to hear about Ania's mother :( That must be really hard on them both.

    Your longies are cute- I'm partial to the bunnies!

  7. nice post. thanks.


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