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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Lanolin Give Away!

This past year I’ve sold a lot of longies & wool covers.

I like to ship my longies lanolized & ready to wear, but sometimes had to really search for a good quality lanolin. Along with others apparently as I have often been asked if it would sell it.

After a lot of searching, I’ve found a supplier that will be able to provide a consistant quality supply & now have it for sale in my Etsy Shop!

As a thank you to my customers & other lovers of wool bottoms,Lanolin 006 I’m giving away a Jar!

2 oz, enough for up to 50 pair(depending on your use)!

Lanolin 012 Here’s the rules: Many ways to enter

1. Just leave a comment to enter for 1 entry.

If your a prior customer it counts as 5!

2. Blog the give away and link back or let me known for

another entry.

If your a prior customer it counts as 5!

3. Tweet it for another entry

If your a prior customer it counts as 5!

4. Purchase a pair of in stock Longies or shorties for an automatic 15 entries

*****Limited to 1 tweet & 1 comment per person each day

Last day to enter will be the 15th

The drawing will be held and announced on the 16th, so be sure and leave your contact information!

Good Luck!


  1. What should I say? :) How did you know I was thinking of ordering some?

  2. I want a cute little jar of Lanolin! That would be so much easier to carry around than a 1 lb Mason Jar! (when traveling.... I dont just carry around lanolin!

  3. Found you via Down to earth. Gorgeous knits.... I was just about to go searching for some lanolin, yours looks beautiful.

  4. Thanks ladies, 2oz is a nice size to have on hand, I'll have 4 oz & 1 Lb jars if there is a call for it.

  5. shoot..i missed the date but I would like some lanolin too.


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