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Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Morning Surprises

Our oldest daughter Danielle was scheduled to be off work Christmas Day.  But after a scan of the work schedule realized a single Mom of 3 was slated to work….so she told her co worker to spend Christmas Morning with with her children she would cover her shift…..Christmas morning Danielle called “on her way to work”  to say Merry Christmas & that she had left something on our porch…..

Christmas 040Work called and said they had enough children out on pass she did not have to come in! So, Miss Silliness dressed as a Christmas Elf (notice the blurry snazzy boots) was free for the day!

I came back inside and this is what I found! Yes I fussed as we were going to have a big breakfast when we were done…..bottomless pit “kids”..

Christmas 042 I grabbed my coffee cup for a refill and returned to the kitchen…..

Christmas 043

Mr... Fix~it the ring leader of the revolt? Not a very flattering photo of my crew, but the brats all get what they deserve!

We sent Chris & Erika  Christmas 111 On a search for their gift….

Christmas 112

Poor Chris has no idea what to think of some of our jokes and pranks

Christmas 114

Mr..~Fix~it can be evil at times….

Christmas 118So bundling up in coats and jackets…. Christmas 120Listening to last minute cluesChristmas 124

As new home owners they need all kinds of things but most importantly a new door!

We tried to stay practical this year, Rachel & Adam  a Zoo pass, Danielle a food processor, items they would put to good use.

And me?  Well Mr... Fix~it did well this year.  He gave me a Kitchen aid mixer!

Christmas 088

How did he know! 

Could it have been the puddles of drool I left in any house ware department when I caressed one saying “someday”…..

We missed Aaron in Calif & Ania in Poland, Rachel, Adam & Hayden in Indy but, I’m sure they didn’t miss the clean up or the breakfast dishes!

Hope you found JOY in your day!

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  1. I love hearing stories about Christmas morning! Yours sounds awesome! I made sure I had an endless supply of paper plates & cups this year, so we didn't dread the cleanup mess. I sat on the couch all day Christmas, having already made food trays, and played baby dolls & Wii allllll day! It was one of my favorite Christmas'.

  2. Such a wonderful post. I was so touched by your daughter's generosity though, and that made this post super-special!

  3. Sounds like you had a lovely morning with your family and the presents will be very useful especially the kitchenAid. I have one and love it.

  4. What a great post!!

    Enjoy your new mixer!!!


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