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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Hello, Martha Stewart?

In my head, there is a conversation going on

something like this:


Hello Martha, I have someone you need to meet.  There is this lady I know, Yes Martha I know you hear that all the time.. but this one is different..no she doesn't use a different brand of glitter… different I mean creatively different.

And she’s awesome!

What do you mean you don’t have time…well do you know the song “It Coulda Been Me” …no? 

Well, Martha…….look it up because it’s a song your going to be singing. 

Your passing up a GEM! She has the BEST ideas!

This is Paige’s Latest Creation!

But, before I show the picture…here is the thought and love behind this gift….My note from Paige;

“My SIL LOVES "sexy" shoes but she doesn't wear them because of an ankle problem.

I went to the local stores and asked permission if I could photograph some shoes.(they said yes) I pulled out  the "sexiest" ones I could find, the kind I'd seen her eyeballing while out shopping last week.

I came home and made a photo collage”


and have ordered it in a 20"by30" poster size!

Paige, she will wet her pants!  If she ever tires of it …..you have my e-mail!


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