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Monday, July 22, 2013

Rain, Lovely Rain

I know, I know… last week I was singing rain – rain go away!

It was getting pretty dry & everything seriously needed watered. 

The thick & fluffy clouds rolled in early yesterday morning.  They were beautiful…. so low, they looked to be brushing the tree tops


Perfect weather for processing corn outside. Mr.Fix-it is an early riser…What I call “O”-God thirty”   You know, when most of us look at the clock and groan and roll back over.  By the time I came out at 8AM, he had everything set up and was well into having the corn shucked and ready  (My Hero)


While the first batch was in blanching for 10 minutes & then cooling,  we finished the shucking


Turkey fryer works perfectly with a large kettle


Corn bagged and cooling a bit more in the breeze before going in the freezer.

I love this burner, canning (water bath) works so well outside & saves tons.  I’m not using the house propane, the heat stays outside saving the A.C. usage…& electric bill which I love!

The weather stayed beautiful all day, much cooler & the rain (wonderful rain) came at dusk once we were inside. I couldn’t ask for better than that!


As far as a garden up date goes, I fought the squash bug & borer’s but they won.  I had to pull 3 of the squash plants out.  I found finally found Neem oil but it was to late for these.  I’m hoping I can get it sprayed soon enough to save the other plants… once it quits raining. 

The rest of the garden is looking decent,  the potato’s are showing blooms, melons are setting fruit & the surprise pumpkin are growing like crazy. Now it’s down to the waiting game. Other than the raised beds and cucumber area, all sections have been weeded clear & bare areas ready for fall planting in a week or so…but, that was yesterday….today who knows.


The first batch of blackberry jam was made the other day..the first 2 gallons went in the freezer slated for winter cobblers

2013 Blackberry Jam firstbatch

I’ve another batch waiting to be made now while Miss Alix is napping so, off for jam making & house cleaning while it’s to wet for outdoor work.



  1. Katie,

    Working outside for canning is a wonderful thing. The heat stays outside and you're not racking up a gas or electric bill.
    You can hose down any mess made, I prefer working outside if the temperatures are right.

    Have a great afternoon canning jam!

    1. Sandy, I love any wayI can save a dime LOL!

  2. I never even thought of canning outside when it is hot out. Makes total sense. I may have to give it to the hubby and let him buy that turkey fryer so I can use the burner to water bath can. I am assuming that is what you use.

    I have been having issues with my summer squash too. My zucchini is coming along very nicely and I will have more than enough, but the yellow crooked neck isn't doing so well. I have managed to harvest two, but all the others have started to rot soon as the fruit get to be about 4-5 inches long.

    Then there is the darn ground hog who only seems to like my beans. No beans for us this year. *sigh*

    1. Heather, I can't get over how brazen that groundhog is! What about paprica around the edges?

  3. Oooh, your goodies look delicious!

    1. Thanks Debbie, I love to see them lined up on the kitchen counter. All the pretty colors

  4. Food production seems to be in full wing for you. I am really interested in learning more about your outside propane burner. Was it easy to find? What exactly is it called? This could make the chicken scalding go so much smoother!

  5. The canner is a traditional Turkey fryer base &can be found in most big box, farming or sporting goods stores. I think it was around $30.00? I love using it for water bath canning.


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