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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Lazy Morning Wandering

in the garden.  It’s in need of some serious weeding after all the rain.  For the first time in weeks it’s beautiful out, low 70’s and as light breeze & perfect for garden work. 

The only work being done out here is with my camera.

One of my nephews if getting married this afternoon and I’m trying to look presentable.  Garden stained feet & hands are not quite the look I’m going for.  I’ve soaked my feet in peroxide 3 times and scrub them nightly but cannot get rid of the stains. 

Overall the garden is going great,


The second potato bed is growing well with few bare spots


Pathways mulched with 4 inches of grass clippings

Zucchini are producing like crazy. Neither Mr.Fix-It or I care for it much as a veggie but love zucchini bread.  I think I have 24 cups of it in the freezer so far bagged in portions ready to use this fall & winter.


If this kind of production keeps up & the squash bugs don’t get me, I’ll be that person that drops off bags of zucchini on random front porches under the cover of darkness


The green beans & Italian beans are ready to pick but will have to wait until tomorrow or Monday.


As I was taking photos I munched quite a few of those nice fat beans for breakfast.  Wish I could preserve them raw & retain all that freshness


The broccoli bed stripped.I can’t get over how long they produced this year. All the rain really paid off.   I think I have 20 2 person servings in the freezer.


The rhubarb & pumpkin seeds I dropped.

The rhubarb lived!!

so far…

After 4 years of trying…success!  It about killed me but I’ve not taken one cutting from these 2 year plants.  They have such beautiful thick stalks….I may snitch just enough for a pie.  Next year God willing I’ll have a wonderful stash of rhubarb sauce & enough for a few pies.  The pumpkin seeds I lost (and found)have set fruit and there are about 4 softball size pie pumpkin forming up


Cucumbers think they own the garden.  Taking over everything!  I was planning on adding another row of green beans or fall planting of spinach.  I can see 3 that are huge and overgrown.  Its been to wet and muddy to get in this section.


But there are plenty more blooms coming. 

These are pickling cucumbers..I want to try sweet pickles this year although I’m not sure if there will be enough…after I find a recipe.


Off to play lady of leisure this morning and putter around the patio..till it’s time to put on the fru-fu clothesIMG_2773

Good golly it needs cleaned up!

What are your plans this beautiful day?



  1. Funny!! I wrote about pretty much the same thing!! Love lazy Saturdays!!

    1. Susan, Thanks for popping in!Great minds think alike!

  2. Rhubarb needs loads of poo! We had some at our allotment in the UK years back, it inadvertently got planted in the compost/manure pile and grew to triffid proportions! As for gluts of courgettes(zucchini) we used to turn up at peoples doors with a bootload(trunkload to you luv) and I swear curtains would be closed and hushed voices could be heard from behind sofas! "Shhh, they're here....again......with more courgettes! Keep quiet, they'll be gone in a minute!"

    1. Hahaha, We LOVE rhubarb and blackberries& are hoping these all survive. I can see you now,,,,,sneaking up on porches

  3. Katie,

    Totally beautiful garden Katie, everything looks great.
    Congratulations on your Nephew's weeding!

    This weekend we went into town and visited the Faithful Prepper Store where I picked up a few thing for the next upcoming give-aways. Hubby and I will be piddling around the house/property this weekend. When were not piddling, we will be just relaxing.

    1. Thanks Sandy, the wedding was beautiful. Hope you took a bit of time to relax

  4. Your garden is looking great!

    1. Thanks Debbie, did you put one in this year?


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