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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Craig’s List Finds & Clearing the Underbrush

The other day someone sent me a link to a Craig's List ad for topsoil..thinking I needed more for the garden. I do but, it was from a property owner who uses all kinds of chemicals on his lawn so I gave it a “thank you” and a pass.


Not for me. 

Looking at other local ad’s I found these barrels.  2 for $25!  When my Son in Law went to pick them for their house as well…he paid $40.00 for all 4.  SWEET!


They held vinegar so I need to be sure I have them well cleaned before I use them for water catchment. I’m not sure they will be done this season but surely for the upcoming spring.

The boys & I made a lot of progress clearing the brush behind the house.  It’s been slow going as there is a smaller/older brush pile under all of the honeysuckle and other vines…lots of things to trip and twist and ankle on. 

When we started…

deer target on the left leaning on the rabbit hut and green tarp in the lower right


And after! 

Deer by the rabbit hutch and the tarp

Looks much better I think!


There is much more to clear out from behind the rabbit hutch but I’m very exited & encouraged with the progress..It really opens the back yard up. I’m pretty sure we disturbed numerous skeeter nests as we were bit up pretty good but, since then we’ve seen a noticeable decline in the amount of those blood suckers on the property

A few tree stumps left to cut up & clear out.  I’m thinking maybe we’ll use them for a bon fire


The underbrush I’ve been burning almost nightly in the fire pit. Starting early evening till after dusk. It’s been a nice evening change & helps keep the skeeters at bay. 

But darn it, the deep bed of coals left just beg us to roast marshmallows.  Makes for a nice treat for my pint sized helpers.


  1. Looks like you and the boys did some extra hard clearing. Looks like a park out there. I think s'mores might be in order there :)
    The umbrella is from Kohls. 60% off with a 30% coupon.

  2. That was a lot of work, and probably a little warm. :-)


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