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Friday, June 15, 2012

More containers & looking for Jewel Weed

This summer one of my goals is to establish a dedicated space for an herb garden.  Ideally the bed behind the garage is where it will go.  Right now I have oregano and thyme in.  They were established last year with cuttings from my daughter Danielle and I’ve harvested and dehydrated about a pound of oregano so far. Yeah, I know what am I going to do with that much oregano?  Well…..if you want some let me know, other than that I’m looking at medicinal uses. 
Anyway back to herbs.  To start with I know I don’t know enough to properly grow them at this point.  Are some friends, enemy’s (like vegies have friends and enemy’s)?  Who needs what as far as sun, shade, spacing, which re-seed,  etc. 

Lots of reading to do so I don’t kill them.

Stuff 009Until then, most are in containers of some sort.

Chives, garlic, leeks,

(yes those are Hens & Chicks watching over the pots)

Stuff 002

parsley(s), bee balm, mint (which I know will take over its space)

I need to find and start some marjoram & basil ,  figure out what is in savory seasoning (or is it an herb?)  SO much to learn.

Stuff 003

On the west side of the garage I’ve a small selection of Lavender started.  My goal is to make my own sachet as a moth repellant for my wool habit addiction stash storage.

Stuff 011

There are 2 other lavender plants in other areas of the yard trying to see what works best. 

OK, I just love the plant and I want them there ok?

Most of all I want Jewel Weed! Anyone have clipping they’d like to share?  It’s an alternative treatment for poison oak/ivy/sumac….which I get EVERY stinkin year. 

Yes I know what it (poison Ivy) looks like, but if I’m within 50 feet of it I break out.

So if you find Jewel Weed in your yard or along the road would ya send me some?
Here is what it looks like.  There may be some in my area but, I’m not recognizing it.



  1. We were watching Rick Stein(TV Chef) last night and he was picking his herbs direct from the garden. I said to Joe that when we have redone our deck (plans to start in August) I want a herb garden right outside the kitchen door, I want space to grow some basic salad veg too, we have the main garden but I like the idea of a kitchen garden. I have visions of picking veg, cooking on the BBQ and eating at a big table on the deck this summer :D

  2. Were I live, there is tons of jewel weed along the roads. I tried to transplant some to my garden a million times. It never would take. So now when I need it, I just go and gather it along the road. Hey, its free!!!! Lol


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