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Friday, June 22, 2012

My Taters aren’t Tot’s anymore!

I do believe these plants are to big to be called ‘Tater Tots” nowGradient Candy girl 003

Last week, they were growing strong and looking good.  Now, they are chest high on me & shading the strawberry starts.

The strawberry babies are growing well also.  At least the rooted runners are. 

Gradient Candy girl 004

Those in the red containers are slowly gaining ground but I’m not sure they will make it if I don’t get them growing & established soon. Look how tiny they are!  Believe it or not most of the sections have 2 plants. Look at the size difference of those I rooted.

Gradient Candy girl 005

In the main strawberry bed I ‘m letting any runners grow.  So far I think there are 10-15 more plants started.   With all the babies above I’m really hoping next years crop will be “fruitful” hehehe.  Sorry, just had to go there!

Lots of weeding and mulching in the main garden tonight.   Things really rook off growing in the few days we were gone.  The beets popped up & the late peas are poking through.  No carrots yet and at this rate I don’t think they will germinate with the heat. I’m glad I have some left from last year. 

Woohoo!  We have rain this morning!  Just a touch but it saves me watering

Is it dry where you are?


  1. They are looking great! It sure isn't dry here....way too much rain! LOL

  2. Dull and overcast here, not sure of the forecast, half the time they are wrong. Only sure way of knowing what the weather is doing is to look outta the window! I seriously have to do something to my strawberries in the spring! I had them in a tower but not sure that works too well, so will get Joe to make me a raised bed and I'll transplant them all, I have as many that have rooted themselves into the path as there are in the tower!


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