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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Cranberry Debate

Is a biggie in our house.

Growing up, Mom cooked the most wonderful cranberry sauce. Real cranberry sauce…boiled till the berries popped, sugar added and cooled in the fridge.   Thanksgiving and Christmas would not be the same with out it. For me it was a memory scent of Christmas. We gobbled it up with our meal and later slathered on leftover turkey sandwiches.  A turkey sandwich just is not the same without cranberry sauce.   Then there was the year cranberry jelly appeared on the table..along with cranberry sauce.  Not just cranberry jelly, but cranberry jelly from a can.( <---insert ominous voice)  My Dad loved it…& had to pretend he didn’t.  I don’t think I’d ever seen my Momma so insulted……

The first Thanksgiving after Mr. Fix-It & I were married, I made cranberry sauce.  And he asked what is that…where was the cranberry jelly and……the…cranberry relish he grew up eating!  What?!?!?!


What the heck is cranberry relish?????

Well……(insert a *fluffy huff*)

It’s on the cranberry package ……and oh so good! 

Sweet and sour at the same time….similar to the candy sweet tarts. As the years went by cranberry jelly and cranberry relish were what has graced our table. 

Today for the first time in YEARS I made cranberry sauce. Because, I miss my Mama & I wanted her cranberry sauce.

Actually, I ended up making a double batch and canned it all.  .


It’s excellent with pork chops. Preserved, I now have small jars to use year round

So this year we will have cranberry sauce, cranberry jelly and cranberry relish. 

Yes, we will have very clean kidneys by weeks end.

Cranberry sauce

It’s super simple to make…

1 bag of cranberries rinsed (I like half the bag chopped so I put some in the blender)

place berries in a pan with 1-1.5 cup water (just enough to see a few floating about)

Bring to a boil and listen for the cranberries to pop (yes really they pop) and soften.


(Keep stirring so they don’t scorch)

Once they are soft add 3/4 to 1 cup of sugar (hey, Its Thanksgiving!)

Bring to a full boil for 1-2 minutes and turn it off. 

Chill in a pretty bowl for the table… and slather on your turkey slices!


It’s pan lickin good!

What’s on your table?


  1. Now that actually sounds simple enough! I am going to have to try this. I don't care too much for cranberries period but hubby sure loves them. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family and enjoy your cranberry sauce!

    1. Deb, it's quick and easy. Enjoy your first Thanksgiving as a American!

  2. I LOVE Cranberry sauce. LOVE it. I pretty much only eat turkey so I can pile a mountain of cranberry sauce on it. I'm always icked out by the can-shaped cranberry jelly. I may have to try this some time!
    (Today Little Man brought home cranberry relish that he made in preschool... it is pretty good, but it is no cranberry sauce!)

    1. CM...I knew we would be friends!

    2. I almost DIED yesterday at my mother-in-law's when I saw they ONLY had can-shaped cranberry jelly. I almost made cranberry sauce (even bought the berries) and didn't. I was so sad-- and I thought of your post! :)

  3. Try your cranberries with some orange peel and juice. It's delicious!

    1. Sandy, that is how we make cranberry relish, uncooked with orange & juice with a tad of sugar. Yummy! Especially the second or third day

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  5. Replies
    1. Morning Ann! As soon as I turned the heat off the sauce I filled pints and 1/2 pints and processed in a water bath fot 15 minutes. Nice sized jars for a meal or 2 Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  6. Oh yum! Way better than the can shaped stuff from the store. It still has the ridges of all things! Have a great holiday!

    1. Thanks for popping in ! Yes homemade is generally best isn't it?


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