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Friday, November 9, 2012

Plans Change

We decided to hold off moving forward with anymore of the remodel here for a while. 

We are looking in to purchasing the property next to us to move family closer.

We’ve spoken to the property owner (the lady with the bushes which I offered to trim)  and she is more than willing to sell. She actually was the one who brought it up this summer…now its up to the financial end & what the property will appraise out to.  Maybe more than we are willing to go but, she jumped at the idea so I feel pretty confident we can work some arrangement out. The house is just a 2 bedroom but sits on a full unfinished basement the length of the house.  With both properties it would give us just about 5 acres & combined as it was originally.  Since we are now unfortunately in the city limits we couldn’t have anything more than chickens but, we could have one heck of a garden and orchard.

The plans and plotting is rolling full force but, I don’t want to get my hopes up to much (yeah right) till it’s a done deal.  I just know we will feel a lot better having them closer.

Hunting season is on!  He’s been twice now without any luck.  Both times they saw huge deer coming out of the woods at dusk.  It was as if they were saying naner naner naner!  Just as well, the weather had warmed up & we would’ve need to pay for processing rather than do it here.

And, look what I found local!  I read about these from ……Sue? Sandy? Debbie?(I’ll credit who when I remember) These jar sealers will be wonderful to use with the items I’ve dehydrated.


I have the adapter hose on order….I thought it odd they sold the sealer and not the hose too but I’m part way there! 

So, with plans changing that means my learning curve had been altered dramatically.Our “steps” to sustainability have become leaps & I hope you don’t mind but I’m going to have all kinds of questions & some may seem silly like…

Shortening…it always seems to sour before I use a whole lb.…and its only $1.00 more for the full lb. apposed the the 8 oz. size.  Is it possible to melt it into wide mouth canning jars and water bath seal it in usable/manageable sizes? I don’t want the big honkin can in my fridge.

I bet you just knew that was the first question I’d throw out there right?

Have a great weekend




  1. The deer are doing the same here.....peeking out at dusk taunting us. LOL Good luck to your hunters!

    I hope the property purchase works out for you at a reasonable price.

    Congrats on finding the lids and I don't think you would have any problems with canning shortening that way. Here is a youtube link. I see that it says video #3 so maybe look for one and two as well. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gjaqK6_lh00

    Have a great day!

  2. The teaser's will be in the freezer soon LOL!
    Thanks for the link....I always forget about Utube. FYI #3 is #1, it was just the 3rd video she made...out of 30+.

  3. I told Stan on election eve that I wanted to shelf our plan for a second house. I would feel terrible if we were strapped with a second mortgage and one of our kids needed help and we couldn't be there because our money was all tied up. For us it just is not the time to be spending. I understand what you are doing and it was part of our plan. If I was not still in a mortgage with this house it could be different. He has not answered me yet though so I don't know what he is thinking.


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